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73rd Anniversary of the Military Police Corps Regiment

22-27 September 2014

The 200th Public Affairs Detachment provided media coverage for:

   Memorial Tribute (22 Sep 1000-1100) Photos and Video

   Hall of Fame Photo Hanging (24 Sep 1100-1330) Photos and Video

   Regimental Retreat (25 Sep 1600-1630) Video

   2014 MP Regimental Spouses' Challenge (25 Sep) Photos

   2014 U.S. Army Military Police School Retreat Ceremony (25 Sep) Photos

MP Corps Regiment Strategic Communications Schedule (updated May 2014)


The schedule contains the Update to the Field and MP Warfighter Forum execution dates. As the schedule is revised and dates are confirmed the slide will be updated. (restricted to CAC login only)

USAMPS Update to the Regiment (October 2014)

Update to the Field

The Commandant's intent is to keep you informed using the DOTMLPF domain, establish an open dialogue and solicit your feedback. The document at the link explains how you can help, and who you can call for more information. This new format is intended to be concise, informative, and easy to use. Your experience with deployments, training, operations, equipment, and TTPs have never been more important and we look forward to hearing from you and your SMEs.
Please find USAMPS latest iteration of our Update-to-the Field located at the following link. (AKO login is required). This bi-monthly packet is intended to show MP progress on projects and initiatives occurring here at USAMPs, MSCoE, or throughout the military across the DOTML-PF domains. It also provides a way for the field to contact specific action officers for more information or to participate.
Looking forward to your input across the AC/RC/NG components.

2014 recipient of the Gold Marechaussee: RCSM (RET) Joshua Perry

CSM Joshua Perry served the Military Police Corps Regiment in uniform for over 30 years culminating his military career as the 3rd Regimental Command Sergeant Major. Upon his retirement CSM (Ret) Perry continued to serve the Regiment as the Civilian Chief of the Rehabilitation Instructor Branch at USAMPS, serving in that capacity from 1991 to 2001.
Throughout his 40 years of Military and Civil service to our Regiment, CSM (Ret) Perry was always known as "a Soldier's Soldier" and a Noncommissioned Officer that led by example who endeavored to create a better Military Police Corps. Arguably his most significant contribution to the Regiment was the creation, stand-up, and accreditation of the Military Police Noncommissioned Officer Academy in 1985. From its inception, the Military Police Noncommissioned Officer Academy has served as a cornerstone of development for thousands of Military Police Corps NCOs.

CSM (RET) Joshua Perry will be honored at the 73rd Anniversary Military Police Ball, 27 Sep 2014, Nutter Field House, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

BG Mark S. Spindler
Chief, Military Police Regiment
Commandant, United States Army Military Police School

USAMPS' Commandant Professional Reading List

BG Spindler
This reading list is an important element in the professional development of all MP leaders in the Army. We can never spend too much time reading and thinking about the Army profession and its interaction with the world at large. These readings will deepen our understanding of the MP corps role in accomplishing tactical, operational, and strategic strategies while facing the complexities and unstable environments of the world...Learn More

Universities Recognize MP Captain's Career Coursework

Florida State University, Eastern Kentucky University, and the University of Cincinnati have recognized the MP Captain's Career Coursework for transfer credits into their Master of Science in Criminal Justice online programs. Webster University still accepts transfer credits for their Master of Science Business and Organizational Security Management program. If interested...Click Here

Defy Expectations

Defy Expectations
Defy Expectations website is part of the national Army recruiting campaign...Learn More

USAMPS Training Publications - Available on the USAMPS DOT&E ITEDD AKO Portal

USAMPS Training Publications

USAMPS Training Publications are now available at the bottom of the USAMPS DOT&E ITEDD AKO portal (restricted to CAC login). Currently the new 31B and 31E Soldier Training Publications (STP) are posted with more to follow.

Army Detainee Operations Portal

A multi-disciplinary portal dedicated to providing the force relevant and current detainee operations training material and resources.....OPMG Detainee Ops Portal (AKO login is required)

NCOA/BOLC/ALETD Positions - - CATD Position

Please read the positions available and email applications to PII.....Read More on Positions

Military Police On Facebook

Go to the Military Police Corps Regiment Facebook for updates!..... Click Here

Social Media Handbook

The updated Social Media Handbook, Version 3.1, is now available online and includes several updates to the 2012 Social Media Handbook. The new handbook features: a letter from the new Chief of Public Affairs, a new case study in the crisis management section, and updated Facebook and Twitter quick reference pages among other changes. This Handbook also replaced the DTM 09-026 with DoD Instruction 855001 "DoD Internet Services and Internet-Based Capabilities."
Due to the Handbook being large, a link is provided to the digital file on Slideshare......Click Here

USAMPS Confinement Facility Receives Re-Accreditation

ReAccred Fort Leonard Wood's Correctional Training Academy has received its re-accreditation from the American Correctional Association... Read More

MPs, Aviators Train Together to Protect, Serve, MedEvac

Train Together To protect and serve is a job Soldiers from the 759th Military Police Battalion take pride in. They trained with flight medics to add another life-saving skill to their tool bags... Read More

New Procedures for Post Entry at Fort Leonard Wood

New procedures will affect some who want to visit or conduct business on Fort Leonard Wood under a new Department of Defense and Department of the Army requirement. Under the change, some service providers and frequent visitors, not in possession of a DoD-issued photo identification card, are required to complete a background check. Driver's license scans will not be accepted as a means of entry... Read More


Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
American Correctional Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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