USAMPS Courses

For a complete listing of MP courses visit ATRRS and select USAMPS school code 191 in the drop-down menu.

Military Police Basic & Advanced Individual Training (31B - MP OSUT)
Basic Military Police Course (31B Reclassification)
Corrections and Detention Course (31E)
United States Army Civilian Police Academy (USACPA)
Military Police Advanced Leader Course (ALC)
Military Police Senior Leader Course (SLC)
Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC)
Military Police Captains Career Course (MPCCC)
Military Police Captains Career Course - RC (MPCCC-RC)
Military Police Pre-Command Course (MPPCC)
Law Enforcement Senior Leaders Course (LESEL)
Military Police Officer Transition Course (MPOTC)
CID Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC)
CID Warrant Officer Advanced Course (WOAC)
Advanced Crime Scene Investigative Techniques Course (ACSITC)
Antiterrorism Evasive Driving - General Officer/Select Personnel Course (AED GO/SPC)
Antiterrorism Evasive Driving - Staff Driver Course (AED-SDC)
Antiterrorism Officer Advanced Course (ATOAC)
Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course (ATOBC)
* CID Special Agent Course (CIDSAC)
Army Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System (ALERTS) - formerly MPRS COPS
Child Abuse Prevention Investigative Techniques (CAPIT)
Conventional Physical Security Course (CPSC)
Crime & Criminal Intelligence Analyst Course (CCIAC)
Critical Incident Peer Support (CIPS)
Domestic Violence Intervention Training (DVIT)
High Risk Personnel Security Course (HRPS)
* Military Police Investigator (MPI)
Military Working Dog Handler Course (MWD)
Military Working Dog Trainer / Kennel Master Course (MWD / KM)
Protective Services Training Course (PSTC)
Special Reaction Team Course (SRT)
Special Reaction Team (Marksman/Observer) Course (SRT MO)
Patrol Response to Active Shooter Train-the-Trainer Course
Law Enforcement Firearms Train-the-Trainer Course
Traffic Management and Collision Investigation Course (TMCI)

* Email CIDSAC & MPI Course Managers if unable to access AKO information for these courses.

For information pertaining to diplomas and training information, etc. email the Directorate of Plans and Operations

Individuals that need verification of training attended at the U.S. Army Military Police School for employment or educational requirements contact ITEDD. The email request must contain the Soldier’s name, address, and telephone number.


Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
American Correctional Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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