Centralized Operations Police Suite (COPS)
**Vehicle Registration System (VRS) and Army Corrections Information System (ACIS)**


NOTE: Army Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System (ALERTS) is the system that will be replacing the Military Police Reporting System (MPRS) module in the Centralized Operations Police Suite (COPS) and scheduled to be online January 2015.

The Vehicle Registration System (VRS) Course is a one day class that trains students how to input information in to the VRS application of COPS. The class normally follows the monthly ALERTS course, understanding that not many installations would want to incur the cost of a one day class the training is conducted on Friday allowing an organization to complete two courses in one TDY trip.

Army Corrections Information System (ACIS) Course is a four day course - Travel days are Monday and Saturday, attend class Tuesday through Friday. This course is given as needed. If you’re interested in receiving the ACIS Administrator Course please click the following link. Course Hours: The course hours will be from 0800 - 1630 daily with a one hour lunch break. Breaks will be maintained IAW TRADOC Classroom policy, students will be given 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of training.

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** Bring a copy of your DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training (exam) Certificate. **


Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
American Correctional Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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