Army Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System (ALERTS)


Army Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System (ALERTS) is the system that replaced the Military Police Reporting System (MPRS) module in the Centralized Operations Police Suite (COPS) which came online April 2015.

The PMG guidance for ALERTS: PMG Guidance

The Army Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System (ALERTS) course trains students to plan and implement the proper setup and usage of the ALERTS system. There are two integrated phases: administrator phase, user phase. During the administrator’s phase students learn to populate their individual installations such as adding locations, narrative templates and many other auto-populating features commonly found within ALERTS. The user phase focuses on the completion of forms, reports, and other important tasks associated with the day-to-day running of a standard DES.

Prerequisites: Student must possess basic automation skills. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended that the students have a basic knowledge of the internal working process of a standard DES.

Course Hours: The course is three days long, travel days are on Monday and Friday; the hours will be 0800 - 1630 daily with a one hour lunch break. Breaks will be maintained IAW TRADOC Classroom policy, students will be given 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of training.

Day One:
ALERTS Overview / System Requirements / Registration Process / Permissions / Login to ALERTS / Basic Screen Layout / Buttons / Widgets / Admin button / Installation Setup / Practical Exercise / Tools / RDF
Day Two:
Message Flow Discussion / Create Case / Practical Exercise Number 1 / Practical Exercise
Day Three:
Practical Exercise / Reports / Case Review / Conduct AAR

Prerequisites: Student must possess basic automation skills. The student must have a working knowledge of Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. For administrators, network concepts are recommended.

**NOTE: Only the MPRS portion of COPS is being replaced by ALERTS. USAMPS will continue supporting the other applications found within the COPS suite such as VRS and ACIS.
For Further information about other COPS applications click here.

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** Bring a copy of your DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training (exam) Certificate. **

ALERTS Class Schedule
Class Number Class DateThurman Hall Bldg 3203
 09-18 5-7 June 20183317
 10-18 10-12 July 20183317
 11-18 7-9 August 20183317
 12-18  18-20 September 20183317
 01-19 9-11 October 20183317
 02-19 6-8 November 20183042
 03-19 11-13 December 20183317
 04-19 8-10 January 20193317
 05-19 12-14 February 20193317
 06-19 12-14 March 20193317
 07-19 16-18 April 20193317
 08-19 7-9 May 20193317
 09-19 11-13 June 20193042
 10-19 9-11 July 20193317
 11-19 6-8 August 20193042
 12-19 10-12 September 20193317
COPS ACIS Class Schedule -offered upon request

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International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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