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Develop, schedule, present and test 27 resident programs of legal instruction (53 POIs) for MSCoE (Engineer, Chemical and Military Police Schools, NCO Academy and Army and Marine Corps AIT) that fully prepare personnel to meet their constitutional, statutory and regulatory obligations and duties as a members of the Armed Forces. Three Judge Advocate General officers assigned to the Law Division average approximately 2200 total hours of podium instruction each year. In addition, Law Division personnel provide legal support to the USAMPS Command Group, respond to field inquiries, perform duties as Military Magistrates for the Third Judicial Circuit and perform a variety of legal assistance for students and cadre. The Law Division also supports AMEDDC&S with instruction throughout the United States. The Law Division uses value-based concepts as a foundational structure in the development of student knowledge in both law and leadership. The long-term goal of the division is to develop a thorough understanding of legal principles, critical thinking skills, analytical abilities and leadership expertise. Up-to-date legal research, well-tested teaching techniques, and extensive personal experience are used in all classroom instruction.

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Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
American Correctional Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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