Directorate of Training and Education (DOT&E)


Mission Statement:
Conduct accredited educational programs based on experiential learning encompassing core competencies and tactical and technical capabilities that train DoD civilian and military police professionals in policing, corrections and security in order to enable MP disciplines within the Army’s Decisive Action for unified Land operations.

End State:
USAMPs-DOT&E produces highly trained and disciplined civilian and military police professionals who embrace; Army and Military Police Ethics, Values and Warrior ethos, possess basic and advance core competency skills as well as tactical and technical capabilities and who are recognized as law enforcement and corrections professionals- masters if their disciplines.

We look forward to training Soldiers and leaders here at USAMPS. Please feel free to contact us with concerns or suggestions for improvement.

For more information visit the DOT&E AKO Portal, the appropriate division below, or email DOT&E

* Advanced Law Enforcement Training Division (ALETD)
Command & Tactics Division (CATD)
* Collective Training Development Division (CTDD)
* Behavioral Sciences Education and Training Division (BSETD)
Force Protection Training Division (FPTD)
* Military Police Investigations Division (MPID)
* Individual Training and Education Development Division (ITEDD)
* Law Division


Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
American Correctional Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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