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The Commandant’s 100 is a Military Police specific award established by BG David D. Phillips the United States Army Military Police Corps Regiment on 01 January 2009.

The Commandant’s 100 is awarded to members of the United States Army Military Police Corps Regiment who distinguish themselves by meritorious achievement or meritorious service, while serving in any capacity within the Corps to recognize greatness from the young Soldiers, NCOs and Officers in our Regiment. The Military Police Corps Commandant will choose 100 of the top Military Police to receive this award.

Each recipient will receive an engraved personalized belt buckle and a certificate signed by the Chief of Military Police Corps Regiment.


Eligibility Requirements

Must be 31B, D, E, 311A, 31A
Grade of E1-E7, WO1-CW2, O1- O3


Nomination Process/Packet Submission

1. Battalion Commander or CSM (or above) nomination
2. 200-300 word proposed citation to be posted on C-100 web site. (Explaining why they are one of the best)
3. Candid photo of the Soldier (will be placed on C-100 Website)
4. Provide BIO/Narrative of soldier and ERB.

Packet will be reviewed by RCSM, RCWO, AC and CMDT.



Presented with an engraved and numbered Commandant’s 100 belt buckle
Certificate signed by the Commandant identifying the Soldier as one of the top 100 Soldiers within the Military Police Corps Regiment.
Picture along with write-up will be posted on the USAMPS website



 Click HERE to see C-100 sample Packet.

** Please submit all documentation for recommendation to


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