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8th MP BDE

11th MP BDE

14th MP BDE

15th MP BDE

8th MP BDE 11th MP BDE 14th MP BDE 15th MP BDE

16th MP BDE

18th MP BDE

30th MP BN

33rd MP BN

16th MP BDE 18th MP BDE 30th MP Bn 33rd MP Bn

34th MP BN

40th MP BN

43rd MP BDE

45th MP BN

34th MP Bn 40th MP Bn 43rd MP BDE 45th MP Bn

49th MP BDE

49th MP BN

51st MP BN

89th MP BDE

49th MP BDE 49th MP Bn 51st MP Bn 89 MP Bde

91st MP BN

92nd MP BN

93rd MP BN

94th MP BN

91st MP Bn 92nd MP Bn 93rd MP Bn 94th MP Bn

95th MP BN

96th MP BN

97th MP BN

100th MP BN

95th MP Bn 96th MP Bn 97th MP Bn 100th MP Bn

102nd MP BN

109th MP BN

112th MP BN

115th MP BN

102nd MP Bn 109th MP Bn 112th MP Bn 115th MP Bn

118th MP BN

124th MP BN

125th MP BN

143rd MP BN

118th MP Bn 124th MP Bn 125th MP Bn 143rd MP Bn

146th MP BN

151st MP BN

156th MP BN

159th MP BN

146th MP Bn 151st MP BN 156th MP Bn 159th MP Bn

160th MP BN

163rd MP BN

165th MP BN

167th MP BN

160th MP Bn 163rd MP Bn 165th MP Bn 167th MP Bn

168th MP BN

170th MP BN

175th MP BN

177th MP BN

168th MP Bn 170th MP Bn 175th MP Bn 177th MP Bde

185th MP BN

193rd MP BN

198th MP BN

205th MP BN

185th MP Bn 193rd MP Bn 198th MP Bn 205th MP Bde

210th MP BN

220th MP BDE

221st MP BDE

231st MP BN

210th MP Bn 220th MP Bde 221st MP Bde 231st MP Bn

243rd MP BN

260th MP BN

290th MP BN

310th MP BN

243rd MP Bn 260th MP Bn 290th MP Bn 310th MP Bn

317th MP BN

324th MP BN

327th MP BN

336th MP BN

317th MP Bn 324th MP Bn 327th MP Bn 336th MP Bn

340th MP BN

372nd MP BN

382nd MP BN

384th MP BN

340th MP Bn 372nd MP Bn 382nd MP Bn 384th MP Bn

385th MP BN

387th MP BN

392nd MP BN

437th MP BN

385th MP Bn 387th MP Bn 392nd MP Bn 437th MP Bn

496th MP BN

502nd MP BN

518th MP BN

519th MP BN

496th MP Bn 502nd MP Bn 518th MP Bn 525th MP Bn

535th MP BN

601st MP BN

604th MP BN

607th MP BN

535th MP Bn 601st MP Bn 604th MP Bn 607th MP Bn

666th MP BN

685th MP BN

701st MP BN

709th MP BN

666th MP Bn 685th MP Bn 701st MP Bn 709th MP Bn

716th MP BN

720th MP BN

728th MP BN

759th MP BN

716th MP Bn 720th MP Bn 728th MP Bn 759th MP Bn

787th MP BN

793rd MP BN

795th MP BN

800th MP BDE

787th MP Bn 793rd MP Bn 795th MP Bn 800th MP Bn

850th MP BN

203rd MP BN

705th MP Bn

211th MP Bn

850th MP Bn (AZ-ANG) 203rd MP Bn (AZ-ANG) 705th MP Bn 211th MP Bn (MA - ARNG)

117th MP BN

6th MP Group (CID)

117th MP Bn 6th MP Group (CID)    


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American Correctional Association
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts American Council on Education

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