Resources Available for Soldier & Family Wellness

1. Critical Incident Peer Support (CIPS)
2. Mental/Emotional Counseling
3. Physical Health
4. Suicide Awareness/Prevention
5. Esprit De Corps
6. Spiritual Fitness



CIPS is a 5-day course taught residence or by MTT. Course Purpose:
To train military police personnel, including first responders, DA Police, special agents, and corrections specialists in the area of critical incident stress. Critical incident stress has become an increasingly volatile issue within the military structure as we move through the global war on terrorism. CIPS prepares our MP for responses to catastrophic incidents; it will also assist with the follow up of soldiers following a response to critical incidents and assist in filling the void-shortage of psychologist, counselors and combat stress teams.

CIPS teaches the dynamics of critical incident stress management, recognition of types, signs and symptoms of stress, identification of the debriefing process, implementation of a peer support program, functions of the peer supporter, psychological effects and causative impacts of critical incidents to military police, communications skills, major crisis issues, crisis interventions and referrals to ensure the preservation of the military police's health, welfare, safety and confidentiality.
MP units interested in attending training or having an MTT at your location, contact the CIPS Branch Chief at (573) 563-7868 or email.

2. Mental/Emotional Counseling

Counseling is often considered as a dirty word. "Since about 2009, we've been working on the idea of Comprehensive Soldiers Fitness. It is designed to bring mental fitness up to the same level that we give to physical fitness."Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Army Chief of Staff"
Gen. Casey
What pushes your buttons? We can each only carry so much in our rucksack. Go too far/carrying to much and we will be dropped to our knees in defeat.

Counseling Services Available:

MP Chaplain

Behavioral Medicine

Military Family Life Consultants

Military One Source

3. Physical Health

We know our bodies more than anyone else. Listen and respond quickly when you are hurting.

Emergency Care

Urgent Cart

Routine Care

4. Suicide Awareness/Prevention

  • -Suicide is not an acceptable option.
  • -Suicide can be prevented, but we need your help.
  • -Educating all soldiers and family members about anxiety, stress, depression, and treatment.
  • Contributing factors to suicide.
  • -Depression
  • -Loss of or breakup with a significant other
  • -Feelings of failure at life in general
  • -Loss of significant support system
  • -Loss of social or financial status
  • -Alcohol abuse or drug use
  • The Army's Prevention Buddy Care is ACE
  • -Ask the question
  • -Care for them as an individual
  • -Escort them to next level of care
  • Army Links

5. Esprit De Corps

The 2010 Installation has been completed which brings to the grove a 10 foot high bronze replica of the World War II era MP Soldier who is directing traffic on the battlefield in the "Of the Troops and for the Troops" art piece. Two additional walls were installed for units to dedicate plaques and a bridge over a historical marker leads to the completed foundation for the walkway. Lights were installed throughout the Grove which now allows for visits after dark. I encourage you to visit the Grove or at least take the virtual tour that is offered here on our web page. There is no doubt that the Grove has truly become a place of remembrance.
The Walkway Committee

The MPRA needs current articles (good news stories), and photos about your unit for publication in the MPRA Quarterly. Please visit MPRA ONLINE for up to date information on our Regimental Association.

MPRA Scholarship Overview:
The Military Police Regimental Association Scholarship Program awards scholarships annually to children, spouses or members of the MPRA.Students may be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in an accredited college or university in a program of undergraduate studies.

6. Spiritual Fitness


The Joy of the Lord is my Strength - God is in Control

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds. Philippians 4:7-8, NKJV

* Chaplains available for every unit and Installation.
* Online daily devotional encouragements, read through the Bible, study materials and Christian book distributors.
* Online religious accommodations for distinctive faith groups (i.e. Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, etc.).

For more information, visit the MP Corps Regimental Chaplain’s page


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