Active Shooter Response TSP Request Access Instructions

                USAMPS is pleased to announce that the NEW 2010 Active Shooter Response Training Support Package is now available upon approved request.

TSP 191-AS-0001

Active Shooter Response

Training Support Package (TSP) 191-AS-0001 is a new TSP developed to be available to all Military Police, DA Civilian Police and Security Guards working law enforcement and security duties around the globe. This TSP is intended to provide Provost Marshals and Directors of Emergency Services a start on first responder Active Shooter Response training tactics.

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: MARKED LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE; NO FOREIGN RELEASE. Further dissemination only as directed by Commandant, United States Army Military Police School, ATTN: ATSJ-T, Suite 1069, 14030 MSCoE Loop, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473. This determination was made on 1 March 2010.


Click the email address below to send justification for access, if approved you will receive an email with instructions: