Sapper Train Up
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Week 1 - Assessment

Day Event
Monday Non-Standard APFT including:

- 2-min push-ups
- 2-min sit-ups
- 2-mile run
- Pull-ups

Tuesday 4 Mile Run

Pyramids (10):
- Push-ups
- Sit-ups
- Pull-ups

Wednesday 6 Mile Roadmarch, 35 lbs.
Thursday Interval Runs (2 Miles)
Friday Rope Climbs
Max Pull-ups
Max Dips
Weight Training

Soldier should use this week as an assessment tool to see what progress needs to be made prior to attending the Sapper Leader Course. The roadmarch should be conducted at a 15-minute per mile pace.

1. Pyramids: Pyramids should be conducted as a series of supersets by performing the designated number of repetitions (shown in parentheses on the training schedule) of each of the three types of exercises (Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Pull-ups). After the first set, lower the number of repetitions by 1 and restart the superset. Continue until the number of repetitions equals 0.

2. Interval Runs: Interval runs should be conducted on a quarter-mile or similar length track. Soldier should run the designated distance, alternating sprinting and jogging every 100m.

3. Road Marches: Road marches should be conducted carrying the designated amount of weight in the rucksack, with water weight in addition to this. Soldier should wear LBE and carry weapon while conducting road march, but these don't not apply to the weight. Soldier should strive to maintain a 15-min./mile pace, at a minimum, over rolling terrain.

4. Upper Body Muscle Failure: Upper body muscle failure should be conducted by completing regular push-ups followed by regular sit-ups followed by regular pull-ups (palms facing away). Once the first set of all three has been completed, progress to the next set; wide arm push-ups, flutter kicks, and reverse grip pull-ups (palms facing you), and so on.