Reporting and Class Information

• Pre-requisites:

Army-Active, Reserve and National Guard Components:
12B, 12C and 12N - E4 (P) through E7 (E4 Promotables must provide proof that they are in promotable status or gain an approved E4 rank waiver)
12A - O1 and O2
(O3 with approved rank waiver)
(E8 with approved rank waiver)
(E4 non-promotable with approved rank waiver)

Marine Corps- Active, Reserve and National Guard Components:
1371 - E4 through E7
1302 - O1 and O2

ABC foreign allies are also approved to attend

• Class Dates(PDF Link)

How to Find class information in the ATRRS Course Catalog:

  • Go to ATTRS Course Catalog (URL LINK)
  • Type "Sapper Leader" in course Title
  • Select the Fiscal Year for you target Class
  • Click "Search the ATRRS Course Catalog" button at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the availble Course (should only be one available at this time)

Use the Class Numbers and dates provided to project your Sapper Leader Course Class Reservation.
Recommended timeline to procure a reserve status:

•Enlisted: 4 months or greater (not including processing time at your unit)
•Officer: 6 months or greater (not including processing time at your unit)


• Example Documents:


Battalion Commander's Certification Letter(DOC LINK)
No Cost 1610(PDF LINK)
Waiver Request Form- STC Form 1-W v1.1(PDF LINK)

• Waivers:

Waivers MUST be submited to the Sapper Training Company email No Later Than 15 business days prior to class start date.

A waiver may be submitted for consideration using STC Form 1-W for the following:

MOS: Any MOS that does not meet course pre-requisites stated above

Rank: Any rank that does not meet course pre-requisites stated above

Medical: Any disqualifying factor

Exception to Recycle Policy: Request exception to recycle policy if Sapper Candidate cannot recycle due to extenuating circumstances. Students that do not meet graduation criteria on first attempt will be automatically recycled into the following class IAW the USAES Commandant's directive. This policy is in effect to reduce travel costs and increase graduation potential. Battalion Commanders may request an Exeption to Policy IAW the USAES Commandant Policy para 4c "Exception to Policy (ETP) request: Sapper students who are automatically recycled could remain in the SLC for up to 70 days to meet graduation requirements. Home Station Battalion Commanders may request an ETP to forgo their Soldier's eligibility to recycle. ETPs will be submitted through the SLC and 169th Engineer Battalion Commander to the 1st Engineer Brigade Commander for approval and approved prior to the start date of the course. In the event of an emergency, a student with approval from their Chain of Command may request to be dropped from the course without an ETP."

Send waivers to:

• Reference Documents:


USAES Commandant Policy(PDF LINK)
Sapper Pamphlet(PDF LINK)
Sapper Creed(PDF LINK)
Sapper Knots(PDF LINK)
Packing List(EXCEL LINK)
Myth and Fact Sheet(PDF LINK)
Code of Federal Regulations Authorizing the Sapper Tab(URL LINK)
Sapper Handbook(Coming Soon CAC card will be required)
6 Week Training Plan(updates planned)(URL LINK)

• Documents required:


Special Forces Ranger or Sapper physical Completed within 12 months (copy, not original)
Battalion Commander's Certification Letter (example above)
Records brief (ERB/ORB) dated within 30 Days of Class start date
DA Form 705 (PT Card) from home unit that qualified them to attend the course dated within 90 days of class start date
DA From 5500/5501 (Body fat work sheet) if applicable, from home unit that qualified them to attend the course dated within 90 days of class start date.

• Reporting and Entrance Exams:

Day 0, Sapper Physical Fitness Test (SPFT) - (PU, SU, & 2 Mile Run) - based on age and gender. Must meet or exceed a minimum total score of 230 points with no less than 70 points in each event

Day 1, 12 Mile Road March - within 3 hours with a 35lb ALICE/MOLLE. The minimum weight does not include six quarts of water, weapon, and load bearing equipment.

Reporting Instruction Slides(PDF Link)