Medical Information:

• Physical Exam Reqirements
A COPY of the physical examination must accompany the student to the course, all three pages for the 2807, 2808 and supporting documents. The exam must be dated within 18 months of the report date, and state the applicant is medically qualified to attend. The exam record must include blood work (CBC/DIFF and UA Kidney function). Your medical facility may refer to this as “Ranger, Sapper, and Airborne Physical”. Dental records must include a memorandum from the dentist stating a full mouth x-ray/panorex exists at home station and is available by contacting the home unit, if requested or block 83a is signed and stamped by a Dentist.

All students are required to hand-carry (recommend a copy not original) physical and a panorex dental memorandum(Panorex memo is only required if block 83a is not signed and approved by a dentist on the physical exam) to the course. Records are turned in to the Senior Medic during in-processing. Medical questions can be answered by calling the course medic prior to the report date at 573-563-3201

Students who arrive with incomplete physicals will be denied entry into the course. Additionally, per AR 40-501: The Standards of Medical Fitness, Chapter 5, “individuals who are under treatment with any mood-ameliorating, tranquillizing, or ataraxic drugs for hypertension, angina pectoris, nervous tension, instability, insomnia, and so forth, and for a period of 4 weeks after the drugs has been discontinued” and students who show “Evidence of excessive anxiety, tenseness, or emotional instability. Fear of dark or enclosed spaces, fear of heights” are denied enrollment to the Sapper Leader Course.

No supplements are authorized at the Sapper Leader Course. It is recommended that you stop taking supplements two weeks prior to arrival so that it gets out of your system. Failure to do so could cause you to become a medical drop from the course and put you at greater risk of becoming a hot/cold weather casualty.

• Waiver Request Process
In order to request a medical waiver you must forward a copy of your completed physical, with disqualifying factors annotated, to the course inbox with a waiver recommendation from your provider in block 78. Once received your physical and waiver request will be vetted by the Course physician and approved or denied by the Commander.

If you PCM is not comfortable recommending a waiver in block 78 your waiver will not be granted.