The Sapper Training Company:

Sapper Leader Course: The United States Army's Premier Engineer Leadership course that trains and certifies Engineer Regiments next generation of Engineer Leaders.


Trains and certifies the Engineer Regiments next generation of Engineer Leaders through up to date, relevant, and realistic training focused on the three turrets of the combat engineer; Mobility, Counter Mobility, and Survivability, and grounded in infantry tasks.


The Sapper Training Company prepares and evaluates Engineer Leaders serving as a member of a Combined Arms team through training in small unit tactics and Combat Engineer Battle Drills in a physically demanding, stressful, and austere environment.


Increase Sapper Leader graduates knowledge and become a force multiplier upon return to home station.

End State:

Sapper Leader graduates are qualified (ASI S4) in their chosen profession and able to fully support a Maneuver Commander.

Sapper Training Company Commander's Command Philosophy
Sapper Knowledge


Sapper Training Company Command Team


Company Commander


First Sergeant

           CPT LEW      1SG Adkerson
    Company Commander
  CPT Timothy W. Smith
    Company 1SG
  1SG John T. Adkerson

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