The Trophy

Best Sapper Competition 2018 | 14 - 20 April 2018
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Best Sapper Competition: The United States Army's premier engineer competition that is hosted annually by the Engineer Regiment at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Vision: Challenge and test the Engineer Regiment's "Best Sapper" team through up to date, relevant, and realistic technical events focused on the three turrets of the combat engineer; Mobility, Counter Mobility, and Survivability, and grounded in infantry tasks.

Mission: The Best Sapper Competition is the premier U.S. Army Engineer competition that tests competitors and showcases engineer capabilities IOT build esprit de corps, increase SLC marketing efforts, and educate Maneuver Commanders on the engineer assets that exist within their formation and the Engineer Regiment.

Scope: A three day competition that consists of 50 Teams, 50+ Miles, 50+ Hours, and ONLY 1 Winner!

Intent: The competition's concept is not only to determine the next "Best Sapper" team in the United States Armed Forces, but to challenge and test the service members' knowledge, physical prowess and mental fortitude.

End State: Determine the "Best Sapper" team in the Engineer Regiment, build esprit de corps, increase SLC awareness, and showcase engineer capabilities.

News and Updates


6 February 2018: The new Best Sapper Email address is now active and able to receive correspondence. Email all Best Sapper Related questions or applications to Email:

2 February 2018: Registration for the 2018 Best Sapper Competition is now open!! Registration Page

1 February 2018: Divisions are limited to three Teams. Any applications in excess of three Teams will be placed on the Order of Merit List for final determination by the USAES Commandant.

1 February 2018: Registration is delayed until 0900 CST 2 February 2018.