The Sapper Leader Course is a demanding 28 day leadership development course for combat engineers that reinforces critical skills and teaches advanced techniques needed across the Army. This course is also designed to build esprit de corps by training Soldiers in troop leading procedures, demolitions (conventional and expedient), and mountaineering operations. The course culminates in an intense field training exercise that reinforces the use of the battle drills and specialized engineer techniques learned throughout the course.


News and Updates


11 May 2018: To assist future Sapper Students we have posted the knotssection of the Sapper Handbook on the Reporting and Class Information page. This is only an interim solution to our overall all goal. The Sapper Handbook is three years into revision and processing by the Sapper Training Company and Engineer Doctrine. At the conclusion of this process the Handbook will be published on APD for use (cac login required due to restricted information).

27 January 2018: Waiver Request Form update, STC Form 1-W v1.1 released. Developer Notes: Added Cadet Waiver request. Corrected issue that locked USAES Fields after O5 endorsment.

22 January 2018: Sapper Leader Course Class 005-18, Start Date: 26 January 2018 WILL BE CONDUCTED. Units must coordinate for DTS Travel or other arrangements for student's travel. Students must provide a 1610/Orders or no cost 1610 during in-processing as per posted requirements.

10 January 2018: Effective immediately all waivers are required to be submitted on the STC Form 1-W. The Sapper Training Company has developed an all-inclusive waiver request form to replace the memorandum format waivers.

4 December 2017: After many uphill battles it is our pleasure to inform the force that as of 4 December 2017 the Sapper Training Detachment is redesignated as the Sapper Training Company (Provisional). We will continue to elevate the Company and the Sapper Leader Course to the level of prestige that it deserves, if not for ourselves then for the last 34 years of stellar leaders that have blazed the path for it.

11 November 2017: Recently we were honored with the privilege to represent our fellow service men and women for the Veterans Day Observance at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO. From 103 feet we descended from the catwalk with the game puck delivering it to the hand of the Fort Leonard Wood Commander, MG Savre, who represented Fort Leonard Wood and all Veterans with the ceremonial puck drop.

10 November 2017: New Battalion Commander's Certification Letter required for Class 005-18 Report Date 25 JAN 18 and thereafter.

6 November 2017: To assist the force in preparing for the Sapper Leader Course, along with dispelling rumors, we have posted a "Myth & Fact" sheet to our Reporting and class info page. We will continue to update it as issues are brought to our attention.

27 October 2017: The Sapper Training Company continues to receive numerous RFIs regarding 1610/Orders. ALL Sapper Candidates, EVEN IF THEY ARE PERMANENT PARTY AT FT LEONARD WOOD, are required to have 1610/Orders on day zero of the Course. If the Candidate is in ATRRS Reserve status, ATRRS Wait status, Walk-on status, or if the candidate does not know what their status is, all are required to have 1610/Orders immediately at the start of the Course. Immediately at the start of the course is 0500 on the class start date.

DD Form 1610 Travel Orders: Can be printed from DTS or formatted at Unit level for No cost moves. The nonmilitary form format printed from DTS is also acceptable.

Orders: Format 700 typed format, Format 282 (traditionally ARNG), Format 410 (traditionally TDY en-route), and Format 260 (traditionally USAR) are all accepted Travel Order Formats.

10 October 2017: SSG Ryan McCarthy, formally the Patrolling Comittee Chief, earns the title of the 2017 US Army NCO of the Year.

06 October 2017: Reminder 01 OCT 17 is the wear out for the IPFU (Army Grey/Black PT uniform). Ensure you bring and wear the APFU for Course attendance.

05 October 2017: E4 promotables no longer require rank waiver to attend the course.

05 September 2017: Starting 1 October 2017 All students are required to bring a copy of thier ERB/ORB dated within 30 days of start date of Sapper Leader Course to the 0500 Roll call formation.

31 August 2017: New USAES initiative! All eligible ALC/SLC Students will be able to enroll in the USAES Sapper Train up program. Those that complete the program in good standing will have the opportunity to start the next available Sapper Class upon completion of their NCOES. If interested ensure that you have the Complete Sapper Packing list augmenting your NCOES packing list when you arrive to Fort Leonard Wood.

23 August 2017: Updates! Waiver and ETP examples have been updated. Waivers and ETPs are not guaranteed to be approved and require more than just unit level O-5 signature. These waivers and ETPs must be routed through the Sapper Leader Course and approved by the Engineer Commandant or his delegate prior to SM attending the course. If these waivers are not approved prior to the report date the SM will not be admitted to the course on Day 0. If the ETPs are not approved students will be enrolled into the automatic recycle program. Sapper Leader Course requests that waivers and ETP are sent NLT 7 days prior to the report date in order to allow sufficient time to process.

27 March 2017: Sapper Leader Course Prerequisites have changed. Review the USAES Commandant's Policy Letter. Walk-ons are accepted for all classes.


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