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Students must report with signed DA 4187 stopping Separate Rations

Example of DA Form 4187 stopping Separate Rations

Implementation of the Sapper Physical Fitness Test and the Sapper Entrance Exam was postponed.

Sapper Leader Course Entrance Pre-test

FY14 Packing List Full packing list is required upon entrance of the course. There will be no Exceptions



ATRRS Sapper Leader Course Student Pre-requisites. *Students must meet Pre-requisites to attend the course*

 New SI for Officers

 New ASI for Enlisted

Sapper Facts & Questions

If you are in a Wait Status in ATTRS you must contact the Course NET 30 days and NLT 15 days prior to the class report date in order to confirm enrollment.  Use the Contact Link above for telephone numbers.

Sapper students- report NLT 2100 on the report date (Thursday). Graduation is usually at 1500 on Friday. Do not schedule departing flights out of STL for before 2100 on graduation day.

New Classes Starting Soon!  To find upcoming class dates, please click HERE.

If you have already signed up, make sure you Click here to view packing lists and reporting information.

Sapper Leader Course Video
Download your own copy of the Sapper Leader Course video. Right click as choose "Save Target  as."

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Sapper Leader Course Mission

The Sapper Leader Course trains Engineer leaders in small unit tactics, leadership skills, and War-fighter tactics required to perform as a member of a combined-arms team in a contemporary operating environment.

The course is also designed to build cohesion and esprit de corps by training soldiers in troop leading procedures, demolitions (conventional and expedient), mountaineering operations, aerial operations, airborne operations, foreign weapons, land navigation, waterborne operations and contingency threat.

The course culminates in an intense field training exercise that reinforces the use of the battle drills and specialized engineer techniques learned throughout the course.

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