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Mission Statement:

USAES Historian

To provide historical information and analysis in  support of mission requirements. To establish and maintain a document collection which can serve to support current and future historical information and analysis efforts.

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Historical Research Collection:

The History Office maintains the Engineer Historical Research Collection. This is a multi-media collection of historical materials on the Engineer School and the Corps of Engineers.

The focus of the collection is on the role of the Corps of Engineers in war. The collection includes information on Engineer units, equipment, and organization.

Housed within the History Office are over 17,000 manuals, 21,000 photos, 800 videos and tapes, and two million pages of documents on engineer equipment, soldiers and operations.

Fort Leonard Wood Post History:

For questions about Basic Training or Fort Leonard Wood post history, please contact the MSCoE Historian at 573-563-6050 or by email:

Engineer History FYI:

USACE History Office
Center of Military History
Engineer Historian Group on milBook
Engineer Heraldry
CARL Digital Library

Engineer Professional Reading List                                        

Engineer School Crest Engineer Historical Information

Regimental Crest Symbology

USAES Crest Symbology

Historian's Knowledge Center on AKO

Sapper Leader Course History Project
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VI Corps Combat Engineers 
150th Combat Engineer
300th Combat Engineers WWII
989th Engineer Company
The Forest History Society (Forrestry Engineers of WWI

Unit History:

Recording a unit history is vital to ensuring the past is never forgotten. Units can optimize their success by ensuring that an SOP for historical record keeping and submission has been established. The 54th Engineer Battalion created an SOP that is an excellent example for units to follow. SOP is available in (.doc) or (.pdf).

Unit histories can be emailed to the Engineer School Historian, uploaded to the Historian's AKO KC (Department of the Army only), or sent hard copy to the mailing address below. 

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

USAES History Office
320 MANSCEN Loop Suite 043 Hoge Hall
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8929

emailEmail Address:

Phone: 573-563-6109 DSN: 676-6109

Lineage and Honors:

gold castleThe Center for Military History posts Engineer lineage and honors for commands, brigades, battalions, companies and detachments. This is an excellent resource, but may not include all Engineer units. If the command you are looking for is not there, contact the Engineer School Historian.


Location and Hours

The History Office is located in the Maneuver Support Center complex Hoge Hall, Suite 043 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
0800 - 1700
Closed Federal Holidays





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