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Welcome to the United States Army Engineer School (USAES)

"Engineer Warriors leading to serve ground forces: A Regiment inspired to answer the Commander's Call"

USAES Mission:

Generate the military engineer capabilities the Army needs, training and certifying Soldiers with the right knowledge, growing professional leaders, organizing and equipping adaptive units, establishing a framework of doctrine for integrating capabilities with operations, and remaining an adaptive institution in order to provide the Commanders with the freedom of action they need to win full spectrum operations as part of JIIM-IA (Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational, Industry, Academia) team. We are the custodians of the Army's Engineer profession.

USAES Vision:

  • Regimental Family of Families
  • The World's Best Military Engineers
  • Warriors Always
  • Leading to Serve Ground Forces
  • Answering the Commander's Call
  • Most Flexible and Adaptive Units
  • Soldiers and Civilians that Inspire Each Other
  • Soldiers Who Dare to Demand "Let Us Try"...and Get it Done

  • History of the Engineer Regiment


    Engineer Personnel Development Office (EPDO) The Counter Explosive Hazards Center 1st Engineer Brigade Directorate of Environmental Integration Directorate of Training and Leader Development

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