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Directorate of Environmental Integration

Directorate of Environmental Integration


The Directorate of Environmental Integration (DEI) executes the US Army Engineer School environmental proponency through the integration of environmental considerations throughout each of the functional domains of Doctrine, Organizational Design, Training, Leadership and Education, Materiel, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTMLPF).  This integration effort includes the review and development of key Joint, Multi-service, and Army doctrinal products, the development and delivery of environmental training products, and through partnerships with organizations and entities internal and external to the Training and Doctrine Command in the conduct of studies and research efforts related to environmental considerations during overseas contingency operations

The Environmental Integrator:

AKOWe encourage AKO Users who would like to know more about our organization or would like to download our products to visit our Army Knowledge Online website, "The Environmental Integrator You can visit it by clicking the following link:


DEI on milBook

milBookDEI has created a group on milBook to discuss a broad range of issues including environmental considerations, waste management TTPs, and sustainability during Overseas Contingency Operations. AKO useres click here to enter.


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