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Welcome to the 554th Engineer Battalion

  Alpha Company 554th



PHONE:  (573) 596-8151

ADDRESS:  A Co. 554th Eng.Battalion
35019th Street
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473


Provides skill level 1 soldiers with the skills and
knowledge required to operate heavy
construction equipment and
assist in combat engineering missions.



  EBOLC B company 554th Engineer Battalion
EBOLC Training


Address: 1702 D Cooley Ave.
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
Phone:   (573) 596-0131 ext 6-2317

NEW Website:
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EBOLC Training


Bravo Company facilitates and supports quality, standards based, training and education in order to develop engineer officers with the competence, confidence, and agility to engage in the full spectrum of engineering operations in any theater or environment.




Charlie Rock

C Company 554th Engineer Battalion


Company Mission: Company C, 554th Engineer Battalion, Commands, Supports, and Executes Engineer/Ordnance Training and Education to produce technically and tactically competent, adaptive, disciplined, and fit Officers and Warrant Officers.

What We Do: Charlie Company oversees the Engineer Captain’s Career Course as well as the Warrant Officer Basic Course and Warrant Officer Advance Course for 120A’s and 919A’s. We work closely with the Department of Instruction (DOI) and students to assure that all students’ administrative needs are met.

Charlie Company Contact Information:

CDR: 573-596-0131 ext. 6-7008
1SG: 573-596-0131 ext. 6-7351
OPS: 573-596-0131 ext. 6-0800
120A DESK: 573-596-0131 ext. 6-8223
919A DESK: 573-563-5310
BUILDING: 1702E (Cooley Ave)
MAILING ADDRESS: C Co 554th EN BN, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Welcome Letters:




Regardless of your class please fill out a Personal Data Sheetand have it ready to submit upon arrival.

For additional information register at the company’s vFRG website



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