MNCOA Administration Notes and Contacts

  • Please contact the Course Chief or Course Operations for questions/issues that address a specific class; for information regarding the Report Date, Start Date and End Date for an upcoming class, please contact your Schools NCO.
  • The Registrar office maintains historical files of Student packets, DA From 1059s (Academic Evaluation Report), and Diplomas. If you have misplaced either your DA Form 1059 or Diploma, please contact them to request a duplicate.

Contact Information
Office: Phone:
Commandant 573-563-8022
Deputy Commandant 573-563-7423
Chief of Training 573-563-7424
Secretary 573-563-8022
Registrar Office 573-563-8224
S-1 NCOIC 573-563-7601
S-2 NCOIC 573-563-7425
S-3 NCOIC 573-563-7426
S-3 Training Analyst 573-563-7427
S-4 NCOIC 573-563-7604
S-4 Supply Technician 573-563-5062
CBRN SLC Course Chief 573-563-7468
CBRN SLC Operations 573-563-6120
CBRN ALC Course Chief 573-563-7469
CBRN ALC Operations 573-563-7475
Engineer SLC Course Chief 573-563-7435
Engineer SLC Operations 573-563-7438
Engineer ALC Course Chief 573-563-7436
Engineer ALC Operations 573-563-7347
MP SLC Course Chief 573-563-7450
MP SLC Operations 573-563-7503
MP ALC Course Chief 573-563-7351
MP ALC Operations 573-563-0027
BLC Course Chief 573-563-7488
BLC Operations 573-563-7495
Staff Duty NCO 573-528-1117
Conference Room 573-563-7421
Academy FAX 573-563-8134
DSN Prefix 676