Fort Leonard Wood
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Permanent Party In and Out-Processing Procedures

In-Processing Information

-In-processing soldiers will need to arrive by 0715 to room 2118, building 470, 140 Replacement Avenue, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Soldiers need to be sure to report for in-processing in their Duty Uniform.

-When arriving for In Processing, soldiers must have their PCS Orders and their DA Form 31 (Leave form.)

-The In Processing briefing will begin promptly at 0730 with a duration of approximately 2 hours. The in-processing briefing is not conducted on Federal Holidays.

Following the in-processing briefing, Soldiers will receive a Pinpoint Memorandum, specifying their new unit.

*NOTE* Soldiers being assigned to a TRADOC, MEDDAC, or DENTAC unit will continue their in processing in room 2118, In/Out Processing office.

Soldiers being assigned to a FORSCOM unit will continue their in processing with the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.

-During In Processing soldiers will also be updating their DD93 and their SGLI. Soldiers need to be sure to have their new home address (if a soldier does not have a new home address at that time, they need to be sure to have the address to the location where they are temporarily residing.) If there will be changes to the beneficiaries on their forms, they also need to be sure to have the new beneficiaries contact information.

-An In Processing checklist will also be given at this time. These checklists need to be returned to room 2118 within 5 to 7 working days.

-After updating their DD 93 and SGLI, Soldiers will need to report to their new unit.

Out-Processing Information

-Once a Soldier receives their orders, they must have their S-1 contact the In/Out Processing office to make an appointment for Post Clearing Papers. Appointments for Post Clearing Papers are made after 1300 every work day. The In/Out Processing office may be contacted by phone by dialing 573-596-0131, extension 6-3033.

-Appointments for Post clearing papers are made, at the most, 10 days prior to the start of the Soldier's leave. If a soldier is not taking leave, the appointment will be made for the Soldier's last day in the Army.

*Note* Any Soldier who is PCSing will need a DA Form 31 (leave form,) even if it is just for travel time from Fort Leonard Wood to their next duty station.

-When a Soldier arrives for their clearing appointment, they must bring with them a copy of their orders and a working copy of their DA form 31. (A working copy is one where at least blocks 11 and 12 have a signature.)

-While obtaining their clearing paperwork, Soldiers will be given a final out appointment. At this appointment soldiers will be finalizing their departure from Fort Leonard Wood. Soldiers will need to bring with them the following paperwork in order to depart:

  • Post Clearance Record
  • Unit Clearance Record
  • Perstempo
  • Orders
  • DA Form 31 (Only if the Soldier is taking leave.)

Soldiers need to be sure all the required signatures are on all of the documents in order not to delay their departure from Fort Leonard Wood.

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