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Spill Prevention and Response

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Spill Prevention and Response:

Spill Prevention and Response is everyone's responsibility at Fort Leonard Wood (FLW). Any spill of Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants (POLs), hazardous waste, hazardous materials could have negative effects on the environment.

In order to ensure compliance with federal regualtions, FLW maintains a Spill Prevention and Response Plan (SPRP). The SPRP facilitates units and organizations with spill response guidance.

Spill Prevention and Response Plan

How to Report a Spill:

Any spill or release of POLs, hazardous waste or hazardous materials into the environment must be reported immediately by calling 911. Within three days of the incident, complete and submit the Spill Report Form to the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Environmental Branch in Building 2101, which is located at the intersection of 2nd Street and Replacement Avenue. The form may also be submitted via fax (573-596-0869). For more information, call 573-596-0882 during duty hours.

Secondary containment shall be inspected following rain events and drained as needed. Uncontaminated rainwater may be manually drained by installation personnel by releasing the valve. Any contaminated rainwater, that has a visible sheen present, must be pumped and disposed of properly. A Service Order is placed with the DPW Service Order Desk by calling 573-596-0333. Complete the Secondary Containment Drainage Form for any drainage of secondary containment. This form must be kept on file by the designated person accountable for spill prevention for each tank and/or facility for at least four years. Telephone the DPW Environmental Branch at 573-596-0882 during duty hours for more information.

Secondary Containment Guidance for POLs

Spill Report and Secondary Containment Forms

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