Solid Waste and Recycling


Recycling Center Locations:

1) The Primary collection on FLW is at the Recycling Center located at Building #2549 Ordinance Drive

2) Main PX parking lot - drop off bins

3) Commissary/Mini Mall parking lot - drop off bins

Map to the Recycling locations

Recycling Center Hours:
Attendant available Mon-Fri, 0800-1630
Phone number to Recycling Center: 573-596-2895
Convenient drop-off area open 24 hrs/day.

Program Manager Location:
Building 2222
1st Street
Office: (573) 596-1385
Fax: (573) 596-0869

Calls orginating from off-post:
(573) 596-0131 ext. 61385

Recycling Documents Library:


    Recycling logo Fort Leonard Wood Recycling Achievement Award

    A quarterly award for military unit and government civilians (individuals or teams), for activities demonstrating aspects of reusing, reducing, rethinking, repurposing, and recycling (the 5 R's). See links below for details!

    Recycle trailer available for use at your next event!

    recyle trailer

    To make arrangements for the FLW Recycling trailer to be at your outdoor event just call DPW Inspection Branch at 596-7021. Please confirm your arrangements for the trailer at least two weeks prior to your scheduled event.

recyclable products

Please remove all lids and rinse containers.
Labels can be left on the container.

What we accept

  • Glass- clear, green, and brown
  • Aluminum- cans and containers
  • Steel/Tin- cans and containers
  • White Paper- some staples are okay
  • Junk Mail, magazines, colored paper, and phonebooks- some staples are okay
  • Cardboard- corrugated boxes, paperboard (shoe, cereal and soda boxes), shipping cartons, brown envelopes, and manila folders
  • Plastic- types 1 and 2 (number is usually located on the bottom, inside the recycling symbol)
  • Newspaper
  • Wood Pallets- in good condition
  • Scrap Metal and Used Oil- must be dropped off during business hours (Mon-Fri, 0800-1630). Please contact a Recycle Center attendant before unloading

What we cannot accept

  • Household hazardous waste
  • Household pharmeceutical waste
  • Aerosol or fuel cans
  • Wet/greasy boxes (pizza)
  • Neon paper
  • Carbon paper
  • Plastic or wax coated paper
  • Binders
  • Maps
  • Gummy labels

To properly dispose of household hazardous waste, contact of of the following:

St. Robert Transfer Station HHW program at:
(573) 336-5155


Rolla Recycling Center
HHW Program
(573) 364-6693