Miller Cave

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Miller Cave is located off FLW N, in hunting area 7, South of Training Area 61. It is one of the largest caves on Fort Leonard Wood, and it is the only cave open to the public. Before the installation was established in the 1940s, the cave set on three land tracts with the majority on the Miller Family property, giving rise to the name Miller Cave. The cave can be accessed by way of a narrow, but well maintained trail that begins at FLW N and winds down the steep slope and into the cave.

Miller Cave has a total of four entrances. The primary entrance to Miller Cave is located in a bluff approximately 150 feet above the Big Piney River . Two more openings face the river and afford a spectacular view of the Big Piney River valley. The bluff below these openings is nearly vertical, making it a deadly drop-off.

As you experience Miller Cave, please appreciate that you are on “holy ground.” You are in a place where people celebrated the cycles of life and death for thousands of years before Columbus sailed to the New World. People probably were ushered into and out of this earthly life in this very cave. Try to imagine what your life might have been like, had you lived here thousands of years ago.

Fort Leonard Wood Cave Brochure

Directions to Miller Cave Starting at the Ft. Leonard Wood Museum at South Dakota & Nebraska, diagonally across the intersection to the southeast (toward the woods) is a road that comes up to the inter-section of South Dakota & Nebraska Av. Go down that road – FLW 32 – for 2 mi. At the T intersection, turn right and go 0.6 mi to the TA [Training Area] 256 sign. Turn left. (After you turn, the quarry is at your right.) After about 0.4 mi the pavement turns to gravel. Continue about 1 mi more to the TRAINING AREA 70 BIVOUAC sign. (Ahead of you is a fence and gate.) Immediately behind the bivouac sign, turn right and go up that road for 1.1 mi. At a wide part of the road, stop and park your car, being careful not to block the road. As you walk back a few meters in the direction from which you came, you should see the MILLER CAVE TRAIL sign. (The number 10 on the sign refers to the cave’s location on a tourist map.) It takes about 5 minutes to hike down to the cave. As the trail begins to go down, you are directly above the cave. DO NOT LET CHILDREN RUN AHEAD OF YOU! There is a lookout point just off the trail with a severe drop-off! Also, beware of poison ivy along the trail. There’s a point in the trail where you can continue up to the right or make a hard left turn. Go left. You will soon enter the first chamber of Miller Cave – complete with a window with a view of the Big Piney River valley. Just beyond the window, on the left, is the opening to the main chamber of the cave.

Miller cave is an important cultural property. Please help to maintain and preserve this archaeological and geological treasure for everyone who comes to visit this site! Please ensure that nobody throws any objects in or near the cave, leaves any trash, or disturbs or defaces the cave in any way. Thank you. Enjoy your visit!

Miller Cave

Miller Cave provides beautiful views of the landscape below.

cave trail

The trail to the cave overlooks the Big Piney River


The cliffs around the cave are dotted with wildflowers including comumbine.

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