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Storm Water and Land Disturbance

A Land Disturbance permit is required for projects that disturb one or more acres or disturb less than one acre when part of a larger common plan of development that will disturb a cumulative total of one or more acres over the life of the project. A DNR permit must be obtained prior to starting land disturbance activities.

Prior to obtaining a DNR Permit you should develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP that describes the purpose of the development project and how erosion and sediment will be controlled using Best Management Practices suitable at your location.

We ask that you please coordinate with the DPW-Environmental Compliance Branch to provide us a copy of the permit, in addition to close coordination of the SWPPP development.  We have a SWPPP development template that can be used to guide you through the process.
As the owner of the property, we carry environmental compliance liabilities as viewed by the State of Missouri in addition to those potentially imposed upon contracted entities, hence our involvement with the process.

The epermitting website for a DNR land disturbance permit application link is:

Please contact FLW Environmental Division for guidance at 573-596-0882

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