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5 U.S.C Chapter 71 governs the labor-management relations program in the Federal government. The program is based on the Congressional finding that unions and collective bargaining are in the public interest. It prescribes certain rights and obligations of employees, unions, and federal management and established procedures for resolving issues that arise under the program. The program is to be applied consistent with the requirement of an effective and efficient federal government.

Where a union has exclusive recognition, management is obligated to deal with the union, and only the union, regarding the working conditions of employees represented by the union. Such dealings, which must occur before management changes working conditions of these employees, may occur in the context of collective bargaining or labor-management partnership arrangements.

Management must notify these unions before it makes substantive, significant changes in the working conditions of civilian employees represented by these unions and give the unions an opportunity to provide their views on the changes. Management must consider any union comments and respond to those unions providing comments.

Contact your Labor Relations Officer at 6-0295, for more information or should you have any questions. She is available to provide guidance and assistance to managers and supervisors in meeting the challenges encountered in the labor-management relation’s area.

Union Contracts

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Labor-Management Partnership Council (LMPC)- The partners to the LMPC at Fort Leonard Wood agree that the purpose of the LMPC is : (1) to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect; (2) to hel ensure more productive and cost effective service to customers; (3) to further the mission of the Department of the Army at Fort Leonard Wood; (4) to craft solutons to work related issues; and (5) to build constructive labor-management relations.

The LMPC meets the 3rd Tuesday of the last month of each quarter at 10 a.m. Clarke Library Conference Room. To obtain LMPC meeting minutes, contact CPAC at 573-596-0295.