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Our Mission:

To determine the eligibility and issue identification cards and maintain/update information in the DEERS database. Provide professional, quality customer service to all Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, Civilian and Contract Employees.

Contact us at 573-596-0744

Dillard Hall (Bldg. 470)

13486 Replacement Avenue

2nd Floor, Room 2101

Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Hours of Operation:

  • 6:30-11:30 a.m. and 1-4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday by appointment only
  • 6:30-11:30 a.m. and 1-4:30 p.m. on Wednesday for walk-ins only (expect a wait time of two or more hours)
  • 6:30-11:30 a.m. on Thursday by appointment only
  • Closed on Thursday afternoons for training
  • CAC pin resets are now done at the unit level
  • Appointments can be scheduled by visiting the DEERS/RAPIDS website

*NOTE: All Soldiers must be within military standards for their respective services for issuance of an ID in civilian clothing, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Soldiers with a shaving profile must have a copy of the profile with them.

Important things to remember when visiting the ID card and DEERS facility:
All Documents must be the original or a certified copy. you will be asked to show your documents when you sign in. All actions must have proof (i.e. Promotion, Reduction, Births, Marriage, Divorce, etc.).
All customers must have two forms of identification (one with a photo amd unexpired). All DoD Civilians must have a recent SF 50 Notification of Personnel Action. Contractors must be in the the Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS) and have a valid AKO account. All NAF and PX employees are required to have a signed DD 1172-2 Application for Identification Card/DEERS. Finally, all retiring military must have a DD 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty and their orders.
The ID Card Facility appointments can be scheduled by going online or by calling (573) 596-0744. It is so easy to schedule an appointment.
If you have missed an appointment and arrive at a later date and/or time you will be considered a walk-in and all other appointments will take precedence.

*NOTE: All Soldiers must be within military standards for their respective services for issuance of an ID in civilian clothing, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Soldiers with a shaving profile must have a copy of the profile with them.

General Information:

Lost/Stolen Common Access Cards (CAC) and Other Identification (ID) Cards

A Report of Lost or Stolen CAC or ID Card must be received by the Verifying Official at the Identification Card Facility to confirm that a lost or stolen CAC or ID Card was reported to the local security office or CAC-sponsoring agency. The Sponsor will need to provide documentation prior to being issued a new CAC. Acceptable documents include: A police report, a report from an installation security office, a statement/document(s) as provided by the Service agency (e.g., counseling document), a letter or memorandum from the activity's security manager, the individual's supervisor, or the sponsoring TASS Trusted Agent. The report, letter or memorandum can be typed or handwritten, and must be prepared on the activity's letterhead, dated, and signed with a wet signature or digitally signed using a CAC. The DD Form 1172-2 may not be used as an alternative to document the loss of CAC and need for reissuance. Contractors must ensure they are in the Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS).

Renewal/Retired ID Cards

Identification Cards can be renewed up to 90 days prior to expiration date. Military can obtain their retired ID Card no earlier than two weeks prior to the actual retirement date.

Children 10 years or older

Children may receive an ID Card at ten years of age, or earlier if the situation dictates. Children of single parents or dual military may receive an ID card at any age.


Within 30 days of birth, the sponsor or spouse (with a valid general or special power of attorney) must present the proof of birth from the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH) or a Certificate of Live Birth authenticated by the attending physician or other responsible person from a U.S. hospital or medical treatment facility.

Child out of Wedlock (Birth Certificate Required)

A male sponsor must have a court order that establishes paternity and the child's original or certified copy of birth certificate or an approved dependency determination from DFAS (may be done online on DFAS website) or a notarized voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. A female sponsor need only provide an original or certified copy of the birth certificate.

Dependent ID Cards

Sponsor must be present. If a sponsor isn't present, then the dependent must have a DD Form 1172 Application for Identification Card/DEERS signed by sponsor (not more than 90 days old from date of verification) or a Power of Attorney.

Input/Remove Family Members from DEERS

Must provide the following at your appointment: original or certified copy of birth certificates, original or certified copy of SSN Card (excluding newborns), and certified filed marriage certificate. In the case of a divorce you must provide the final decree, filed and signed by the judge. Female military must present a name change memo approved by MPD Chief for legal name changes in DEERS.

Legal Custody Ward/ Ward of the State

The following documents are required: court documents signed by Judge and filed, original or certified copy of birth certificate(s), original or certified copy of SSN card. Court document must state ward will be in the custody of sponsor for a minimum of 12 month.

College Students (21-22 Years Old)

Must provide a letter from an accredited college/university, signed by the school registrar stating full time enrollment and anticipated graduation date. Sponsor must be present when issuing ID card or sign the DD 1172-2 Application for Identification Card/DEERS prior to student visit either with their CAC Card or at the ID Facility.

Medicare Part B Recipients

Must provide the Medicare Card for verification or if card is lost, letter from the Social Security Office stating that Medicare has started or has been purchased. The Social Security Office will update DEERS once Medicare Part B is purchased. The effect date of Part B will be determined based on the actual date the receipant turns 65 and Medicare purchase date. Please contact the Social Security Office for further detail.

Parent/Parents-In-Law (Bring SSN Card)

Must provide Approved Dependency Determination (renewed every four years) from Defense Finance Accounting System. If the individual is the Sponsor's parent, you will need to provide the Sponsor's Birth Certificate and the parents' Marriage Certificate. If the individual is the Sponsor's parent-in-law, you will need to provide the spouse's Birth Certificate and the Sponsor's Marriage Certificate.

For more detailed information regarding the issuance of CAC/Teslin IDs, DEERS enrollment/disenrollment please refer to AR 600-8-14, Identification Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, Their Eligible Family Members and Other Eligible Personnel or visit the ID Card Appointments quick link.
Please see: Army - Chapter 19, Navy - Chapter 20, Air Force - Chapter 21, Marines - Chapter 22 found in the AR 600-8-14.