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Directorate of Human Resources
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Bldg 470 Suite 2105

Congressional Liaison 573-596-0135
Mobilization/Demobilization 573-596-0131, ext 6-7024
Naturalization/Officer Actions 573-596-0131, ext 6-2667
OCONUS Travel Clearance Manager 573-596-0131, ext 6- 4868

Congressional Liaison:

The Congressional Liaison provides a liaison between Fort Leonard Wood and members of Congress responding to official written and telephonic inquiries. Official written inquiries received directly by agencies on Fort Leonard Wood from any member of Congress must be hand-carried to the Congressional Liaison for a formal response. Telephonic inquiries received directly by any agency may be responded to following-up with a summary of the conversation provided to the Congressional Liaison.


We ensure completion of all mobilization in-processing and demobilization out-processing coordinating with Task Force IRR personnel to ensure completion. Task Force IRR personnel are located in Building 715, Utah Avenue, 573-596-0765.

  • All mobilizing USAR and NG Soldiers must report to Special Actions for 93 and SGLI updates if on active duty for 2 weeks or more.
  • Soldiers demobilizing and requesting PDMRA must submit a request 6 months prior to their date of separation.
  • Soldiers demobilizing should contact Task Force IRR 3 weeks prior to separation date with consideration given to any leave taken.
  • Soldiers demobilizing having been on active duty for 90 days or more must report to Special Actions for a DD Form 214.

Naturalization Liaison/Officer Actions:

For detailed information concerning eligibility requirements and/or application checklists for U.S. Citizenship, Officer Candidate School (OCS), and Green to Gold, click the appropriate link below:

  • Naturalization: Upon completion of applications call the Naturalization POC for an appointment.
  • OCS: Deadlines for applications for quarterly local OCS boards will be advertised.
  • Green to Gold: Applications must be submitted by 1 April for fall semesters.
  • Unqualified Resginations: Applications must reach the U.S. Army Human Resources Command 6 months prior to the desired date of separation.

OCONUS Travel Clearance Manager:

All requests for OCONUS TDY and OCONUS leave must be submitted as soon as possible after identification of the requirement to include the states of Alaska and Hawaii and all U.S. Territories. Immediately, contact the Travel Clearance Manager to determine travel requirements such as clearances, briefings, and training needed. Travel requirements such as country, theatre and special area clearances require a lead time of 30 - 60 days to obtain approval. Travelers must also contact their Brigade Security Manager or the Office of Intelligence and Security for a country specific brief prior to travel.

  • OCONUS TDY: After approval a FLW Form 1762, Request for Official OCONUS TDY, must be submitted in DTS along with all required training certificates and routed to the Travel Clearance Manager.
  • OCONUS Leave: The approval authority for leave will ensure all requests for OCONUS leave (DA Form 31) are hand-carried to the Installation Travel Clearance Manager 45 days prior to travel for processing of country clearances.
  • OCONUS Emergency Leave: Even in emergency leave situations clearances, briefings and training travel requirements must be met. For funded OCONUS emergency leave the Soldier’s home of record must be the same as the destination and the Brigade Commander must approve the leave. Also, the emergency situation must involve the immediate family of the Soldier or the Soldier’s spouse.