Directorate for Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (DCIED)

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To support the Army's ability to prepare for and conduct missions in an operational environment where IEDs are inherent.

Key Tasks:

  • Capability Gap Analysis
  • ICW TRADOC G2, CIED Threat Analysis
  • Knowledge Managment
  • Training Analysis & Governance
  • Leadership for Army Lines of Efforts
  • CONOPS Development and Overall Management
  • Quarterly GOSC Cycle and CIED Action Plan
  • Program Management for all TC 3-90.110 Supplemental Funding Initiatives
  • CIED Integration Team


To provide the Warfighter with the tools needed to counter the enduring threat of IEDs.



Phone: 573-563-2604/ DSN 676-2604

DCIED Knowledge Center (CAC AKO Users):

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