Families of Soldiers in Training

Family Readiness Groups (FRG)s are not typically set up for Families of Soldiers in Basic, AIT or OSUT but there are resources to help support you during your Soldier's Initial Entry Training (IET).

Soldier with family

Reporting for Duty- A virtual look from arrival to graduation at Fort Leonard Wood

IET Family Guidebook- Learn what your Soldier is doing during his/her Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individualized Training, or One Station Unit Training

A First Guide to Army Spouses and Family Members- A publication designed to help you and your Family adjust to the Army way of life, make you more self-reliant and provide general information.

FAQs- Questions about pay, support agencies...etc

New spouse orientation video- This is a MUST SEE for new Army spouses.

Army glossary and other useful information

Military life encourages Families to support one another. You will find that making friends in a military community is quite easy and highly encouraged. Get to know seasoned military spouses so that they can show you the ropes. That kind of networking will help you make the transition from civilian life to military life a lot easier.