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Directorate for Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (DCIED)

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DCIED, nested within the U.S. Army’s Counter Explosive Hazards Center (CEHC), provides analysis, recommendations, and courses of action for complex Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) initiatives to key stakeholders while representing MSCoE as the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) C-IED lead and Army C-IED Governance Integrated Process Team (Army C-IED Gov IPT) co-chair.

Key Tasks:

  • Provide TRADOC 0-6 level leadership to serve as Co-chair ISO the Army C-IED Governance IPT, IAW Army C-IED Governance IPT Charter
  • Serve as TRADOC Lead for C-IED and support CG, MSCoE as GOSC Co-chair ISO the Army C-IED Governance IPT
  • Develop and execute TRADOC actions/requirements ISO the Army C-IED Governance IPT
  • Provide SME support to ASCCs, MACOMs, and C-IED Community of Interest
  • Assist with JUONS/ONS/JEONS for JIDO and HQDA
  • C-IED Task Governance (22 common core and 8 supplemental C-IED tasks)
  • TRADOC C-IED CP Co-chair along with ARCIC Protection Division Chief – Quarterly Councils of Colonels
  • TRADOC LoE lead Governance & Strategic Communications
  • TRADOC LoE Lead Train the Force
  • As the TRADOC representative to the Army C-IED IPT provide informed recommendations in order to guide Army decisions impacting C-IED efforts/initiatives
  • Provide strategic direction for the TRADOC C-IED Campaign Plan CoC
  • Prioritize C-IED efforts for TRADOC
  • Capability Gap Analysis
  • Knowledge Management


To provide the Army and Warfighter with the tools needed to counter the enduring threat of Explosive Hazards.



Phone: 573-563-4157/ DSN 676-4157


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