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Operational Radiation Safety Course (OPRAD)

The Operational Radiation Safety Course (4J-F2/494-F9) contains 40 hours of formal training on general radiation safety procedures.

This course includes the following topics:

  • Regulatory Structure for Radiation Safety
  • Radiation Basics
  • Quantities and Units
  • Radiation Shielding
  • Biological Effects of Radiation
  • Principles of Radiation Detection
  • Operate the AN/UDR-13/14
  • Operate the AN/VDR-2
  • Operate the AN/PDR-77
  • Identify Civilian RADIAC Equipment
  • Calibrate RADIAC Equipment
  • Maintain Dosimetry Program
  • Identify Radiation Sources
  • Principles of Control Radiation Exposure
  • Applied Radiation Safety
  • Survey Work Areas
  • Hazards of Laser/RF Exposure
  • Control of Laser/RF Exposure
  • Source Tracking
  • Maintain Tritium Devices
  • Perform Leak Tests
  • Ship/Rec. Radiation Materials
  • Disposal of Radiation Materials
  • Report Unusual Conditions
  • React to Radiological Contamination
  • Duties of the RSO
  • and Depleted Uranium Awareness.

This course will qualify the individual as a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at the garrison level. A minimum of 70% is required to pass the course.


In-processing will begin on Day 1 of the class and students will bring the following items:

  • 5 copies of your orders, amendments and a copy of any advanced travel payment received.
  • Required clothing and equipment

Packing List for Military Personnel:

  • Army Combat Uniform (ACU)- 2 Sets
  • Boots, Dessert- 1 Pair
  • Beret- 1 each
  • IPFU Shorts and T-shirt- 2 each
  • Spandex (optional)- 1 each
  • Thermal Underwear (Note 1)- 1 set
  • IPFU Jacket and Pants- 1 set
  • Socks, green and black- 7 pair
  • Socks, white- 3 pair
  • T-shirt, tan- 7 each
  • Underwear- 7 each
  • Gortex Parka or Field Jacket(Note 1)- 1 each
  • Gloves, black leather (Note 1)- 1 pair
  • Fleece hat, green (Note 1)- 1 each

(Note 1): If you are attending a course during the winter months (Nov-Mar), we recommend you bring the indicated items.

Students will be released on the last day of the course at approximately 1530


TDY students will be housed in either the NCO Academy barracks, Morrelli Heights, at a local hotel off post, etc. This is based on space available.

Dining Facility:

TDY students have the opportunity to eat in the dining facility located near the school. Students will use their orders for meals for the duration of the course.

Uniform and Appearance:

  • Military personnel will wear Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs) while attending class.
  • Personnel wearing civilian attire will be properly dressed. The following guidelines will apply:
    • No tank tops exposing armpits will be worn.
    • No open toed shoes will be worn.
    • Denim jeans are authorized but must be presentable.
    • No shorts and T-shirts may be worn.
  • You are expected to maintain Army standards when wearing the uniform. You are expected to set the standard in the Army in terms of appearance of the uniform and military bearing. Your uniform and appearance will reflect pride in the Army and your status as a Soldier.
  • The duty uniform is ACUs. Laundry facilities are available on and off the installation.

Physical Fitness Training:

Students are not required to conduct organized PT. While no APFT is given, it is important that students maintain a certain level of physical fitness during the course.

Weight Standards:

  • Upon in processing, students are not weighed in, but if you appear overweight, you may be taped or measured.
  • If found not in accordance with AR 600-9, you may be dropped from the course. All service members are to report to schools within the height and weight standards.


  • Students may attend the Operational Radiological Safety Course if they are pregnant.
  • AR 40-501 identifies several activities in which pregnant soldiers may not participate.
  • Pregnant individuals must declare pregnancy in writing in accordance with 10CFR Part 20 and NRC Regulatory Guide 8.29 prior to departing home station. A copy will be provided to the Chief, Technical Training Division or Senior Instructor upon arrival at the USACBRNS.
  • After leaving home station, if an individual determines that she is pregnant, she will be required to declare pregnancy in writing while attending the course.

Privately Owned Vehicle(POV):

  • All POVs are subject to safety inspections on Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
  • Students must maintain the minimum insurance requirements for the state in which their POV is registered.
  • It is required that all personal POVs have a DoD Decal on their vehicle or be issued a visitor pass.
  • You will need to have with you the current vehicle registration and inspection paperwork, proof of insurance on the vehicle, current license plates on the vehicle, your military or DOD civilian identification card, and your valid driver’s license.

Uniform Code of Military Justice:

  • While assigned/attached to Alpha Company 84th Chemical Battalion, the Company Commander has UCMJ authority for all company issues and the Battalion Commander has UCMJ authority for all battalion issues.

Academic Awards:

Graduation Requirements:

  • Maintain a 70% or better grade average.
  • Score 70% or better on all exams.
  • Meet height and weight standards according to AR 600-9.
  • Pass all performance tests (Go/No Go scored).
  • Have no disciplinary actions pending.

Standards of Conduct:

All students must display proper military bearing and a positive attitude at all times. Unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated.


Students may use their POVs to carpool to class locations. There will be no reimbursement for mileage. Shuttle service is available for travel on the installation. Commercial taxi is available for on and off the installation.

Privately Owned Weapons(POW):

No student is authorized to have privately owned weapons while attending the course. There are no facilities to store weapons.

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Contact Information:

  • NCOIC:
  • COM 573-563-6208
  • DSN: 676-6208
  • Instructor:
  • COM 573-563-6202
  • DSN: 676-6202