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CBRN Courses- Chemical Captains Career Course-Reserve Component

Course Overview:

Course Scope:

This course consists of four phases. Phase One is a branch specific Distance Learning phase consisting of training in decontamination operations, CBRN warning and reporting, introduction to radiological operations, and other technical topics. Phase Two is a two- week resident training phase conducted at the CBRN School. In this branch specific phase, subjects covered include chemical and biological agent effects, defense concepts, radiological operations, consequence management, toxic agent training, and Incident Commander. Phase Three is a Common Core Distance Learning phase consisting of common core leadership, mission command, training, and unified land operations. The proponent for this phase is the Combined Arms Center and this phase is common to all branches. Phase Four is a resident phase consisting of Common Core and branch specific training. In the common core portion, subject covered include MDMP and Warfighter Exercise. In the branch specific portion, subjects covered include Digital systems, maintenance programs, operation and functions of chemical units and staff. Completion of this course results in a working knowledge of chemical, radiological, reconnaissance, and decontamination operations.

Special Information:

1) CBRN Branch commissioned officers must complete phases I through IV.

2) DOD civilians may complete only the branch specific phases for a completion certificate.

3) Commissioned officers branch transferring to the Chemical Corps must complete the CBRN Defense Course before beginning the branch specific resident phase. Phases III and IV may be waived if completed at the original branch school. Please see memorandum subject "CBRN Officer Branch Transfer Policy" dated 3 December 2014 for waiver requirements.

NOTE: Students must register for each phase of this course individually; there is no auto-enrollment for this course. For issues please contact the U.S. Army CBRN School,(573) 563-7757.

Foreign Disclosure: FD1 - This training product has been reviewed by the training developers in coordination with the USACBRNSFD Representative and the MSCoE foreign disclosure officer. This training product can be used to instruct international military students from all approved countries without restrictions.

For more information pertaining to registration, course details, and all points of contact follow the link below and SELF-REGISTER for the Captains Career Course Organization.

Fort Leonard Wood Blackboard

Steps to Self Register in Blackboard:

1. click link above to access the MSCoE Blackboard portal

2. Select the "LOGIN" button under the CBRN crest and login using your AKO or CAC. *If this is your first time logging in the MSCoE blackboard site you will have to use your AKO credentials to open the portal.

3. Once you have gained access to the CBRN portal select the "Community" button located on the upper content bar.

4. Select the "CBRN ORGANIZATIONS" found under the Organization Catalog.

5. Scroll down to find the organization titled "Captains_Career_Course". Select the dropdown arrow next to the title and CLICK "Enroll". You will then have access to the Captains Career Course Organization.