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CBRN Courses- Chemical Captains Career Course

If you are scheduled to attend CBRNC3, you will receive a letter/email from the Officer Training Department with specific dates and times. For a general welome letter, please click here. The information below provides a general overview of the course and corresponding expectations.

Course Overview:

CBRNC3 is a 22-week course, which provides company grade CBRN Officers the technical skills and knowledge to perform the duties and responsibilities required of company commanders and brigade level battle staff CBRN Officers. This instruction is both externally and internally directed; and includes chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear operations, as well as combined arms operations. This course will dive extensively into current Army and CBRN Doctrine. If you are not familiar or out of practice you can read current doctrine at The Army Publishing Directorate or go to the Chemical Knowledge Network (CKN).

Course completion is required for branch qualification. Each course normally consists of 25-30 students, typically: 20 Army Officers; 2 USMC Warrant Officers; and 5 Coalition Partners from areas as diverse as Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The training days are typically 0800-1700 hours daily. Instruction is primarily classroom-based, either in large class room format, or in small-group discussion. Extensive emphasis is placed on group practical exercises, prior military experience, and class participation.

Classes conduct physical training five days per week starting at 0530. It is extremely important to report for the course in shape. On the first day of class students will be weighed/taped to ensure compliance with AR 600-9, Height/Weight standards. Additionally, an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) will be administered within the first 72 hours of the class. Students are required to bring a copy of their orders and, if needed, a copy of their permanent profile to day one of class. Students are not allowed to start the course in they are on a temporary profile. Contact the Officer Training Department (contact information at the bottom of page) for case by case exceptions.

Students will be required to attend several evening functions (dining out/in, Commanding General Mixers, Commandant Socials, ETC.) as well as up to two weeks TDY away from Fort Leonard Wood. Uniform for both travel and many after work activities is business casual (slacks/khakis and a collared shirt). If needed, ensure you have made the proper child arrangements that you come prepared to complete and execute a Family Care Plan (FCP). Contact the Child Development Center at 573-596-0197/0210 for enrollment questions.

Active Duty CBRNC3 students conduct a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move to Fort Leonard Wood, and therefore may apply for on-post housing, or you may elect to live off-post. Once the course begins, you will not receive time off in order to find housing. For more information, visit the Fort Leonard Wood website.


  • If you have Optical Inserts for your M40 and Dräger face masks, bring them with you.
  • Our dining-in and graduation will be conducted in Dress Blues / ASUs. Ensure you are properly fitted and all accoutrements are IAW AR 670-1. (Coalition Partners will wear their appropriate dress uniform in accordance with their prescribed armed service regulations)
  • You will need to procure a road guard vest here at Fort Leonard Wood. Student road guard vests are orange with yellow reflective strips and the student’s name on a name tape – front and back. These can be purchased at the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange.
  • Business Casual Wear (slacks/khakis/skirt and a collared shirt/blouse)


  • Ensure you are released from your DTS hierarchy upon your departure from home station or arrival to Fort Leonard Wood, since you will go TDY during this course.
  • You will need a government travel card. If you do not have one, you must begin your application process now.

Pre-requisite Requirements:

Reporting Procedures:

During the duty day students will report to Nord Hall (Building 890), Commercial (573) 596-5226.

During non-duty hours, students will report to the 3rd Chemical Brigade Staff Duty (573-596-0131 ext 6-6671) at 5569 Iowa Ave. Your leave will stop when you sign in to the BDE.

Alpha Company 84th Chemical Battalion will provide additional specific information and command support once you in process.


In-processing Soldiers will need to arrive by 0715 to room 2118, building 470, 140 Replacement Avenue, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Soldiers need to be sure to report for in-processing in their Duty Uniform. Please click here for your In-processing checklist.

When arriving for In Processing, Soldiers must have their PCS Orders and their DA Form 31 (Leave form.)

The In Processing briefing will begin promptly at 0730 with a duration of approximately 2 hours. The in-processing briefing is not conducted on Federal Holidays.

Welcome to FLW:

We will do everything within our ability to ensure that your transition to Fort Leonard Wood is a smooth and efficient one.

Any questions please email your instructor/sponsor.

Or do the following:

  • Visit the Fort Leonard Wood website.
  • Call Alpha Company 84th Chemical Battalion CM BN: DSN 581-2599/4161/5226 or Commercial (573) 596-0131 EXT 62259/4161/5226
  • You will need to procure a road guard vest here at Fort Leonard Wood. Student road guard vests are orange with yellow reflective strips and the student’s name on a name tape – front and back. These can be purchased at the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange.
  • Call the Officer Training Department office MSCoE, TH 1011, at Commercial (573) 596-0131 Ext 67721/7719.