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If you have not received an email within 4 weeks of the course start date, please contact CBOLC point of contact, please clickhere.

If you are scheduled to attend CBRN Basic Officer Leaders Course (CBOLC), you will receive a email from the your instructor in the Officer Training Department (OTD) with specific reporting time and location. The information below provides a general overview of the course and corresponding expectations.

Course Overview:

CBOLC is a 17-week course, which provides CBRN Lieutenants the technical and tactical skills and knowledge to perform the duties and responsibilities required of platoon leaders and battalion level CBRN officers. This instruction is both externally and internally directed and includes Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and HAZMAT operations, as well as combined arms operations.

Each course typically consists of 45-50 students, typically: 48 Army officers and 2 Coalition Partners from areas as diverse as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The training days are typically 8-12 hours daily. Instruction is primarily classroom-based, either in large class room format, or in small-group discussion. Extensive emphasis is placed on group practical exercises, prior military experience and computer simulations. Additionally, training will also be conducted in the field environment.

Classes conduct physical training five days per week, at a minimum. It is extremely important to report for the course in shape. During the first week of the course, students will be weighed/taped to ensure compliance with the Army’s Body Composition Standards IAW AR 600-9 as well as take the diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). There are a total of two diagnostic APFTs and one final record APFT. Finally, students will be weighed/taped to ensure compliance with the Army’s Body Composition Standards IAW AR 600-9 prior to each APFT. Clickherefor a Road Guard Vest example.

If you are on a permanent profile, please ensure that it states that you can complete an alternate event. If you are on temporary profile (i.e. pregnant, torn ACL, etc.), you will need to be rescheduled to attend CBOLC at a later date. Please work with your training specialist or the CBOLC Course Manager for rescheduling.

Prior to arrival:

Students will complete the any online training listed below prior to arrival. We HIGHLY recommended you complete all online training before arriving for CBOLC. Once the course begins, you will not have very much spare time outside of training. Current CBOLC students have been spending their weekends in the classroom completing the online training, so get as much as possible done before day one. If you complete the training prior to arrival, bring a hard copy of each course certificate with you.

Online Courses (Click link for access)

If you need help finding and enrolling in courses on the ALMS, please click here.

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Army Accident Avoidance Course

*Go to mandatory training; select Army Traffic Safety Program, Accident Avoidance Course for Army Motor Vehicle Dr; select Launch

Click here for a map of Fort Leonard Wood (there are two maps) which depicts key locations for the installation and the United States Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School, 3rd Chemical Brigade and 84th Chemical Battalion.

Reporting Procedures:

All students will report to Post Billeting at Building 470 (see Billeting Instructions below). A copy of the welcome letter from your Small Group Instructor will be available at BLDG 470 billeting office (IHG). Once students have received their billeting, they will report to 84th Chemical Battalion Staff Duty (Building 6147) to ensure you sign in and your travel leave stops. That only applies if you are on travel leave via DA 31. If you are traveling with orders only, you will still sign in at Battalion Staff Duty (Building 6147) to ensure you are accounted for. The 84th Chemical Battalion Staff Duty cell phone number is (573) 528-7831. 84th Chemical Battalion Staff Duty Building is located on Michigan Avenue.

Billeting Instructions:

All CBOLC students will report to Post Billeting (Building 470), Commercial (573) 596-0131, then listen for the automatic operator to come on, when asked for the last five digits of the number you’re dialing, dial 6-0999 for assignment to quarters. Post Billeting is located in the Soldier Service Center, Building 470 on West 4th Street/Replacement Avenue and Constitution Avenue. Do not obtain off-post lodging unless directed to do so by Post Billeting. If directed to obtain Off-Post housing, Post Billeting will provide you with a Statement of Non-Availability. Also, if directed to obtain off-post lodging, you will notify Alpha Company, 84th Chemical Battalion prior to attempting to obtain any lodging off-post. Alpha Company Commander can be reached a (573) 596-0131, extension 6-2616 or First Sergeant at extension 6-4161. Clickherefor the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) link at Fort Leonard Wood. Please clickherefor a list of amenities and you can also contact IHG directly from the phone number listed above.

Day 1:

All students must report to the location from instructions of their Small Group Instructor. A copy of the welcome letter with reporting instructions from your Small Group Instructor will be available at BLDG 470 billeting office (IHG).  Click here for documents needed in order to inprocess.

You will be here TDY and NOT authorized compensation for movement expenses for spouse or family. Additionally, do not bring weapons (i.e. knives over 4 inches, brass knuckles, etc.) or pets.


The duty uniform for the course is ACUs. Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU) will depend on the season. Winter APFU consist of: APFU jacket and pants, long sleeve APFU shirt, shorts, grey fleece cap, black gloves with inserts. Summer APFU consist of: short sleeve APFU shirt and shorts. Each student will be required to purchase a orange reflective vest with their rank and last name sewn on. (i.e. 2LT Snuffy) Everyone will be issued the required TA-50 items needed for the course from our CIF (Central Issue Facility). Do not buy any TA-50 before reporting. Clickhere for the CIF TA-50 issue list.

Our dining-in and graduation will be conducted in Dress Blues/ASUs. Males will need the long tie as well as bow tie. Females will need the skirt. Ensure you are properly fitted and accoutrements are IAW AR 670-1. [Coalition Partners (with the exception of Taiwan) will wear their appropriate dress uniform in accordance with their prescribed armed service regulations.

Additionally, you will attend offsite events and will be required to dress business casual. Clickhere to see examples of business casual.

Unit Patch

All Active Duty CBOLC students will wear the U.S. CBRN School Patch. Clickhere to see the U.S. CBRN School Patch. The patch can be purchased at the Military Clothing and Sales on Fort Leonard Wood. Please see the maps page for location. Please ensure you have a patch on Day 1.

All National Guard and Reserve CBOLC students will wear the unit patch that they are currently assigned in (i.e. 434th Chemical Company or 401st Chemical Company . Please ensure you have your National Guard or Reserve unit patch on Day 1.

Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP):

All National Guard and Reserve students will be required to receive a briefing from ACAP LNO within the first two weeks of the course. The ACAP Office is located in Building 470, Suite 2219. The phone number is 573-596-0175 and hours of operation are M - Th: 0730 - 1630 F: 0730 - 1530. ACAP is designed to assist with transitioning from the Army by finding jobs, resume building, etc.


If you have Optical Inserts for your M50 and face masks please bring them with you (if applicable). A laptop will be provided to you during week one in order for you to use during the course.Before arriving, try to log on to theEnterprise Email website.If you have not received an email within 4 weeks of the course start date, please contact CBOLC point of contact, please clickhere.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

For Course Flow information, please click here.

Other Required Items:

Drafting compass design as described: "a metal double break leg design and equipped with a universal attachment to hold technical pens, lead holders, ballpoint pens, and fine-line markers." Approximate price $20.00 to $30.00 dollars. Please purchase prior to Radiological Operations block of instruction.

A scientific calculator which can perform: Basic arithmetic functions to include, scientific notation, exponents, power & root functions, logarithmic functions, fractions, percents, and algebraic order of operations.

Compass and Calculator - Beginning at approximately the 8th week of your course, you will begin your training on Radiological Operations. During this portion of the course, you will be required to have the following materials....

Required before graduation:

All students must complete Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Awareness Online Training prior to the HAZMAT instruction. Failure to register and complete the training will result in the student receiving a "No Go" for HAZMAT, which is a graduation requirement. Click Here for the instruction on how to register and complete the HAZMAT Awareness Online Training.