3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment
LTC Rank Battalion Commander
LTC William Earl

CSM Rank Battalion CSM
CSM Jason Duncan

Battalion Welcome Letter



MEMORANDUM FOR All Newly Assigned Soldiers to 3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

SUBJECT: New Soldier and Family Welcome Letter

1. I am pleased to welcome your Soldier to Fort Leonard Wood and the 3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment. We too are very proud of their decision to serve in one of the most respected institutions and professions of our country. It takes someone very special to raise their hand and swear an oath to defend the Constitution and our great Nation during a time of war. You can be assured that your Soldier's safety, health, and training are our top priorities and we are totally committed to their success. Just as they have made a commitment to our Nation, the Army has made a commitment to your Soldier to ensure they receive the best care and training we have to offer.

2. Your Soldier's job while assigned to us for the next ten-weeks is to train on the basic Army skills they will need to be successful for the remainder of their military career. We place a heavy emphasis on the Army Values from day 1: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Your Soldier will also receive training on the customs and traditions of our Army, conduct physical readiness training that will challenge them and make them stronger, receive basic and advanced rifle marksmanship training, and they will also conduct first aid and advanced medical skills training to help them stay alive on the modern battlefield. They will also be immersed in communications training, basic land navigation, and they will participate in three field training exercises where they will put the skills they have learned along the way to practical use. The outcome of this all will be a highly trained and disciplined Soldier who has mastered the fundamental art of Soldiering, confident in his or her abilities and the abilities of their leadership. The training at times will be challenging, but those that have gone before your Soldier are a testament that it can be done.

3. I encourage you to write letters to them from time to time to help your Soldier adapt to being away from home and their new Army lifestyle. Understand though that your Soldier will have very limited personal time while in training. Soldiers are given the opportunity to write letters in their free time, but do not have access to e-mail. Even if your Soldier doesn't write or call as often as you'd wish, remember that your letters of encouragement to them are a powerful motivator. Please keep them coming!

4. The Battalion web page that you are viewing includes many helpful links to answer some of your questions and we are more than willing to address them all through the e-mail link found on the menu of this site. Unfortunately, we cannot forward e-mail to Soldiers in training, but if an emergency arises, you are free to contact your Soldier's Company (links on this site) or your local chapter of the American Red Cross.

5. I highly encourage you to attend your Soldier's graduation activities. If you make airline travel arrangements in advance, be sure to get refundable tickets in the unlikely event that your Soldier's graduation is delayed. Many duties must be accomplished during this time so visitation will be limited at first. To provide maximum visitation time with minimum confusion, check the itinerary on your Soldier's Company web page. Plan around these events and please adhere to our visitation policies. The first opportunity to see your Soldier upon your arrival will be on Wednesday afternoon the day prior to graduation for Family Day activities which include an on-post pass. Your Soldier will be briefed on graduation activities, times, and locations and any other pertinent changes to the itinerary. Your Soldier will graduate on a Thursday and the ceremony will last for about an hour. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Soldiers will be released for an off-post pass to spend quality time with you. Soldiers will be required to return at a pre-designated time that evening so that we may prepare them to ship to their Advanced Individual Training (AIT) via government transportation the following day. Please adhere to published timelines.

6. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to delay graduation for select individuals in order to complete training requirements. Your Soldier should contact you by phone during the week prior to graduation to verify his or her current training status. One word of caution — those Soldiers designated as "non-graduates" will not be available for the Family brief and will not be permitted to go on pass, so please maintain effective communications with your Soldier's Company to verify that your Soldier is graduating as planned.

7. Thank you in advance for your support and for standing behind your loved one. We are all proud to serve this great Nation and your Soldier should feel no different. At the end of his or her training, you will be amazed at the transformation that they have gone through and you will be proud of their accomplishments. They are in fact our next "greatest generation!" If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Battalion though contacts listed on this website. Courage and Fidelity!

                                                                           William W. Earl
                                                                           LTC, FA

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