Strategic Imperatives (LOEs)
● Leverage stakeholder
● Execute expeditionay focused
● Balance tactical and technical
● Embody the Army Profession
   of Arms (All)
● Develop leaders (Cadre)

Organizational Values
● Soldiers are Your Legacy
● Trust and Respect are
   Earned, Not Given
● Phasing has a Purpose,
   Influence is Your Method
● We are Disciplined, Adaptive,
● Seek Balance: Family First,
   Army Always
● We Believe in the Heritage
   and Traditions of Our Army

2nd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment

Command Team

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LTC Steven McGunegle                CSM Lawless
Commander                Command Sergeant Major

2nd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment executes Basic Combat Training where leaders transform civilian volunteers into adaptable, physically prepared Soldiers trained in core military skills capable of contributing as effective team members.

Task Organization
Apaches   Blackfoot   Cherokee   Dakotas   Mustangs
Alpha Company   Bravo Company   Charlie Company   Delta Company   Echo Company

The Tomahawks are a dedicated team forged by though, demanding, standard-based training tempered by an absolute commitment to excellence, the Nation and the Profession of Arms. Trust solidifies the bond between competed, agile, decisive, caring leaders and the disciplined, fit, confident Soldiers they lead. We embody Army Values, Warrior Ethos, and Resiliency through our deeds, not words to overcome adversity. Our legacy is the ability to accomplish our mission. building the next generation of leaders, while caring for Soldiers and their Families.

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Contact Information
6336 Colorado Avenue                                            573-596-0188
Bldg 750                                            DSN: 581-0188
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473                                           

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