84th Chemical Battalion- Charlie Company

Charlie Company Outlaws
C Company Commander
C company commander

C Company 1SG
C company 1SG

Contact Information:

(573) 596-1745
(573) 596-1728
(573) 596-1718

Reporting Instructions:

MOS-Ts must report to Bldg 1736 before 1800 with copies of their orders, DD 93, and SGLV. After duty hours (duty hours are M-F 0800-1800) report straight to the company at Bldg 1707D. You must report in uniform.

Soldier must provide the following documents for inprocessing: PCS orders (TDY enroute), 1610 (TDY and return), pre-execution checklist, DD 93, SGLV, (if applicable) marriage certificate, dependent's birth certificate, lease agreement.

Packing List:

Initial Basic issue items

Soldier is authorized to drive a POV while attending CBRN AIT, but will not be reimburse for mileage unless on TDY orders.

Soldier is required to arrive with their complete initial issue of clothing. Graduation will be in Army Service uniform.

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