3-10 Infantry Regimental


       For well over 200 years, citizen soldiers in the U.S. Army have been defending freedom for the world.  The history of the 3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment is rooted deeply in the tradition of the U.S. Army.  Our soldiers have served their country in all corners of the globe, performing various types of missions. Today’s soldiers draw strength from the heroic deeds of those who have served before us. We continue to strive and pass on our proud history to every new soldier.

     Our proud history began on March 3, 1855.  Citizen soldiers demonstrated their LOYALTY to the nation by gathering at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania to form the heart of the new 10th Infantry Regiment. Within months of activation, the soldiers found themselves on the western frontier. Their proud motto “RENEGADES” was first echoed across the battlefields of the Civil War. The 10th Infantry bravely fought in the battles of the Peninsula, the second Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancelorville, Gettysburg, and many others. The union today owes its survival in part to the gallantry and SELFLESS SERVICE of the warriors of the 10th Infantry during the Civil War.

          The young Regiment’s lineage grew as the troops moved further west to fight in the Indian Wars. RESPECT among warriors developed as we learned from the most spirited mounted infantrymen in history- The Indian Warrior.

        Leaving American soil in 1898, the 10th  Infantry “Remembered the Maine” as they entered the Spanish-American War. The 10th Infantry was among the first to see combat in Cuba. For their actions, the regiment was awarded campaign credit for Santiago. The Philippine Insurrection soon followed and again the 10th Infantry answered the call to DUTY.

        During World War I, the heroes of the 10th Infantry returned to the United States and was divided into cadres that were used to form the leadership foundations of the new regiments. Soon after, the 10th Infantry discovered the horrors of trench warfare, in the mud and cold of France. Despite the introduction of tanks, machine guns, and chemical warfare to the battlefield, the PERSONAL COURAGE of the 10th Infantry's soldiers enabled them to return victoriously.

        When freedom called again in World War II, the soldiers of the 10th Infantry found themselves revisiting the once bloodied and familiar terrain of France. On D-Day, the proud colors of the 10th Infantry Regiment advanced bravely upon the beaches of Normandy. Throughout the extremes of World War II, the heroic deeds of the 10th Infantry soldiers brought great HONOR to the Regiment.

        Between October 31, 1929 and June 1, 1957 the battle weary but proud colors of the 10th Infantry Regiment were inactivated and reactivated on five occasions.  On June 4 1987, the 10th Infantry Regiment was reactivated here at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.      

        During the past two years, over 7,500 proud and ready initial entry soldiers have graduated and entered the ranks of the United States Army.  Graduates from 3-10 are serving the nation in all corners of the globe, including Kosovo, Bosnia, Kuwait, Korea, and Afghanistan.  3-10 Infantry has produced a proud history, which is extended everyday as we train values-based soldiers, who are appreciative of the contributions of their predecessors.  Like those who have served before us,  in units all over the world, our soldiers will echo our Regiment’s proud motto “GUARDIANS!”

3-10 Coin LINEAGE and HONORS


        The 3d Battalion, 10th Infantry was constituted on 3 March 1855, and organized in June 1855 at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. On 5 July 1918, the battalion was assigned to the 14th Division. On 24 March 1923, the battalion was assigned to the 5th Division. 

        Between 31 October 1929 and 1 June 1957, the 3d Battalion was inactivated and reactivated five separate times. It was re-designated on 19 March 1959, and withdrawn from the Regular Army, allotted to the Army Reserves, and assigned to the 83d Infantry Division. On 31 December 1965, they were inactivated at Cleveland, Ohio. The Battalion was reactivated on 4 June 1987, here at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Campaign Participation Credits
Civil War
Peninsula Manassas Antietam
*Fredericksburg Chancellorsville Gettysburg
*Wilderness *Spotsylvania Cold Harbor
*Petersburg New Mexico 1862 *Virginia 1862
Virginia 1863 Indian Wars World War I
*Comanches *Apaches *Without Inscription
War with Spain Philippine Insurrection *Rhineland
*Santiago *Without Inscription *Central Europe
*Normandy World War II
*Ardennes-Alsace *Northern France

French Croix de Guerre with Palm
World War II
Streamer embroidered MOSELLE RIVER
*Denotes 3-10 Infantry’s actual participation in the fighting. Other streamers were earned as part of the 10th Infantry Regiment, in general.


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