Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School

Chemical Corps Poster

Contact a Soldier

To contact Soldiers that are in Basic Training and Advanced Individualized Training (AIT):

  • During duty hours: 573-596-5376
  • After duty hours: 573-596-0805

Chemical Corps Opportunities

The Chemical Corps Mission:

The CBRN School trains Joint and International Service members; develops leaders; supports training in units, develops multi-service and Army doctrine; builds the future CBRN force; and is the Joint Combat Developer for the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Program.

The Chemical Corps Vision:

The Army’s unique technical response force of choice providing scalable, expeditionary, and operationally adaptable experts, teams, and formations, standing ready to defeat the impacts of all hazardous material, and assist DoD and Army efforts to counter weapons of mass destruction, across the full spectrum of Unified Land Operations .. anytime .. anywhere. Enabled by world-class education and training and internationally recognized certifications, and backed by the scientific weight of the United States and the collective capabilities of a network of domestic and world-wide JIIM-IA responders and partners.

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