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Entering Basic Combat Training (BCT) requires physical and mental strength.

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Are you married or engaged to a Soldier?

Together, as a team, you can make the most of your Army life by taking advantage of the many resources and opportunities discussed in this video.

Trainee Families

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Welcome Families and friends of the Service members training at Fort Leonard Wood.

Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training are training courses that transform civilians into Soldiers. Recruits learn about the Seven Core Army Values, how to work together as a team and what it takes to succeed as a Soldier in the U.S. Army.

Learning what your Soldier is experiencing during his or her training at Fort Leonard Wood will help you become a source of comfort and encouragement to them. Becoming a Soldier can be an extremely stressful experience, your role as their support system is critical during this time of change and transformation.

Basic Training basics

Before leaving for basic the Soldier will be given a strict list of

Follow the list exactly.
Do not send any valuables or CD players, etc. Once they arrive at basic, these things are all packed up and put in a room till they come home.

Remember the first several days at basic training are in-processing days and your Soldier will NOT have time or opportunity to call. Don't worry-they're just very busy.

After the Soldier starts basic training, they will be given a chance, most of the time, to call on Sundays. They will only have a few minutes to talk as there is usually a line of Soldiers to call home.

If the Unit has a Social Media (Facebook) page or a website, try to keep track of what is going on in his/her training.

If the Unit offers you a chance to go to a family day it may be worth your time to go if you can. If there are Soldiers their whose families’ could not make it, consider adopting them for the day.

Graduation is another big day for your Soldier, if you can be there do so. Make hotel reservations early.

Most important of all, try not to worry your Soldier during his training. Praise them, boost their morale, give them lots of encouragement but let them stay focused on the task at hand!

It's your Army life too!

Just as your Soldier prepares for his or her journey serving in the United States Army, you too can prepare for Army life.

It’s important to learn as much as you can about how the Army works and how to successfully connect with your new Army Family so that you can help your Soldier and your family by becoming more self-reliant and resilient through the many changes you will experience as you transform from a civilian family to a military family.

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