Family Readiness - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

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For more information and telephone numbers for the resources listed and many more such as, heath and wellness, crisis intervention, recreational opportunities, etc., please take a look at the
FLW Community Resource Guide .

  • Marriage
  • Financial Issues
  • Employment
  • Childcare
  • Army Community Service
  • Office of the Installation Chaplain
  • FLW Joint Service Families
Army Community Service

Army Community Service (ACS) offers comprehensive and effective programs for Soldiers and Families which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability. Classes and resources are available on relationships, parenting, relocation, finances, deployment, volunteering, employment and more.

Office of the Installation Chaplain

Provide religious support across the full spectrum of training and operations at Fort Leonard Wood. MO. Ensure all military personnel, family members, and civilians have access to free exercise of religion to include spiritual, moral and ethical leadership.

  • Army Family Team Building
  • Military 1 Source
  • At Ease- Fort Leonard Wood
  • Survivor Outreach Services
Army Family Team Building

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) provides three levels of knowledge and training for Family members and Soldiers. AFTB level I focuses of military life (Army 101). AFTB level II provides the knowledge needed for one to grow into a community leader. AFTB level III offers training on mentoring others into leadership positions. All three are available locally through Army Community Service or online.

Don't forget to print and keep the training certificate for your records.

Military 1 Source

Military One Source is available by phone or online to provide free resources, counseling, translations, and answers to your questions on education, relocation, parenting, name it they are there to help.

24/7 Telephone: 1-800-342-9647

At Ease

Attending To Every Armed Forces Spouse Exclusively: A social group for wives and signficant others of a deployed soldier, training cadre, sister services, etc. Women of all faiths, backgrounds and walks of life are welcome to come together and grow as individuals and as a community. This is about YOU!

"AT EASE" is not an FRG, a church group, a spouses club, or a facebook support site... This is the place to lose all your titles, ranks, and "hats" and just be yourself. We welcome you to email us.

You can also learn more about the group by visiting the AT EASE!" Facebook

At Ease

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) connects you with people who can help you cope with your loss and demonstrates the Army's commitment to Families of the Fallen. Their mission is to provide enhanced services to the Families.

SOS utilizes a holistic and multi-agency approach to delivering services to Survivors by providing services at the installation and with communities closest to where Families live. Contact (573)596-0212 or a href="">email the SOS Support Coordinator for more information.

SOS in the News:

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