Family Readiness - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

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Family Readiness is a LIFESTYLE for Soldiers and their Families. Being "Family Ready" means that you are proactive, instead of reactive to the challenges of military life. It ensures that you are prepared for whatever comes your way...

Moving to Fort Leonard Wood?
Maneuver Support Center of Excellence

Welcome to the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MANSCEN) and Fort Leonard Wood. This installation is home to the U.S. Chemical, Engineer and Military Police Regiments. All chemical, engineer, military police and transportation Soldiers, as well as Sailors, Air men, Marines and international students from allied nations receive training here.

Do you have a Soldier in Training?
Drill Sergeant and Soldiers

Fort Leonard Wood trains 80,000 Soldiers each year in Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training and One Station Unit Training. We hope you are able to visit for graduation activities. Our community is happy to take care of your needs.

Experiencing a
(Re)deployment / Separation?
Spouse talking to her husband

Throughout the different stages of deployment a wide range of emotions are experienced, but did you know that most of these are normal? Experts have created classes, programs, and other resources to help you understand and cope with those emotions.

Family Readiness