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Throughout the different stages of deployment a wide range of emotions are experienced, but did you know that most of these are normal? Experts have created classes, programs, and other resources to help you understand and cope with those emotions. This information is available to you through your Family Readiness Group, Community Service Center and even on-line. They key to surviving, and even thriving during a deployment is education through Family Readiness.

Know what to expect

Couple facing deployment

Stabilization of Marriage: Relative tranquility. A partner to share the joys and responsibilities of life.

Anticipation of Separation: Detachment is beginning. Denial, shock, anger, frustration, rejection.

Spouse talking to Soldier on screen

Emotional disorganization: Despair, irritability, confusion, loneliness, sleeplessness, overwhelmed by responsibility.

Stabilization of Separation: Calm, confidence, detachment, self-assured, adjusting to being alone.

Military couple feeding a baby

Anticipation of Return: Joy, hope, excitement, expectation, appreciation.

Emotional Readjustment: Reintegration of marriage and family. Disappointment, ecstasy, change, relief, guilt.

No matter if this is your first, third or seventh time... deployment is an intense part of our lives. You are not immune to its emotional impacts and you are not alone… Become familiar with the vast amount of resources that are out there, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Your unit's FRG is usually your best resource and contact during a deployment. The volunteers of the FRG work closely with the Rear Detachment Commander to keep you informed and vice versa.

Hearts Apart: A social support group through your local Army Community Service (ACS) for Family members who are separated from their Soldier due to deployment, TDY or PCS. (Also called Waiting Families.) 573-596-0212

Military Family Life Consultants: Consultants can help people who are having trouble coping with concerns and issues of daily life. Flexible appointment times & meeting locations, *Confidential, No Records Kept and FREE! 573-855-3269/3283. *Duty to warn does apply in cases of threat to self, others, and any reportable abuse issues.

Army Community Service (ACS) offers comprehensive and effective programs which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability. Classes and resources are available on relationships, parenting, relocation, finances, deployment, volunteering, employment and more. 573-596-0212

Not near a military installation?

The Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) can help!

The primary focus of support is families who are geographically dispersed from military installations. Services are delivered in local communities through collaborative partnerships with Federal, State, and local resources.

Red Cross


Is your Soldier deploying as an individual or in a small group?

In contrast to a Service member that deploys with a ship, squadron or unit, a Service member who leaves their assigned unit or command to deploy individually or with a small group is known as an Individual Augmentee (IA). Families of IAs face some unique challenges and can often feel like they are going through the deployment alone. If your Service member is deployed as an IA and you are in need of support or assistance, you are encouraged to contact your Rear Detachement and connect with your Unit's Family Readiness Group. If you are experiencing any issues or have concerns but are not sure where to turn, please call 573-563-6511 or email your Family Readiness Support Office for further assistance.

Family Readiness