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43d AG Reception Battalion

You Are Now a Soldier!

Soldier firing his weapon

We are proud of your decision to serve your country. You are now a Soldier, part of the best organization in the world: the U.S. Army. You will depart the St. Louis International Airport by bus for a 2 to 3-hour ride to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. You will arrive at the 43d AG Battalion (Reception). The Battalion processes Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers for assignment to units at Fort Leonard Wood for Basic and One Station Unit Training. The Battalion also processes Prior Service Soldiers for worldwide assignments.

Try to get as much sleep on the bus as you can. Once you arrive at Fort Leonard Wood, a Drill Sergeant will greet you. You will be treated with professionalism, dignity and respect. What you may have seen in the movies, such as harassment and hazing of brand new arrivals, is NOT the way you will be treated. You, in turn, must respect your Army superiors and pay attention to them. They are here to help ease your transition into the Army.

The next few days will be busy! Your first night will include a short introduction, a chance to get rid of unauthorized items, and the opportunity to eat a hot meal. You will then march to the barracks, where you will receive a bunk, a locker and an opportunity to get some rest. If you need a lock for your wall locker, you will be able to purchase one in the morning. Be prepared for an early morning wake up by your Drill Sergeant and Processing Sergeants.

At the Airport

Upon your arrival to Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, you will report to the Airport Liaisons at the USO. There you will be allowed to use the USO facilities, eat, use the phones and use the latrines.

After your Transportation briefing, you will know your bus number and departure time, make sure you write this information down.

Arrival to the 43d AG Reception Battalion

Upon your arrival to the 43d AG Reception Battalion, you will be given an initial brief on what will be expected of you over the next few days. Soldiers will be given the opportunity to call home with their personal cell phone. Those Soldiers who do not have a cell phone will be given the opportunity to call home within 48 hours of arrival at the RECBN.


Contact Information:

  • Phone: 573-596-0648
  • Mail:

    43d AG Bn (Rcpt)
    4566 Oklahoma Avenue
    Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
  • email
Drill Sergeant
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