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All important personal documents (check with your recruiter)

All important personal documents (check with your Recruiter) including:

  • Childhood and adolescent immunization records if available
  • Valid driver's license
  • Government-issued photo ID card
  • Required prescription medications (in original pharmacy container) and/or a doctor's prescription

The following legal documents are a requirement to enroll your family members into the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to receive a dependent identification card and enrollment into TRICARE for medical coverage, and/or entitle you to receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Family Separation Allowance (FSA):

Certified/Filed Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate must be certified/filed at the County Recorder or Deeds Office to be a legal document. Most marriage certificates have the marriage book number, page number, and the date the certificate was file.

A copy can be requested from the County Clerk’s office.

Birth Certificate for Children

State certified birth certificates from the Department of Health are the legal documents needed to verify your children's eligibility for enrollment in the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Hospital Certificate of Live Birth authenticated by the attending physician or other responsible person from a United States hospital or medical facility is also acceptable.

Hospital records are NOT legal documents for children.

Copies may be requested from the State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics for a small charge.

Divorce Decrees

If you or your spouse are and/or have been previously divorced, you will need copies of all divorce decrees.

Final divorce decrees must include a judge's signature and date signed and filed..

Death Certificate

If your or your spouse was previously married and the former spouse is deceased, then we must see the death certificate.

Court Ordered Paternity

Father's must submit a signed (judge's signature) legal document that is filed and recorded in the County Court Office stating that he is the biological father of the child. Proof of paternity is established if children are listed on a divorce decree.

Proof of Rental/Lease and Mortgage payments (National Guard and Reserve Soldiers Only)

Rental/lease agreements must be notarized on the last page of the contract if space permits. If notarized on a separage page, the notary must reference the rental/lease agreement.

  • If rental/lease is faxed directly to DEERS from an apartment complex of company with their fax cover/header sheet then the rental /lease agreement does not need to be notarized. Rental/lease agreement must be completed properly and include Lessee and Lessor/Agen signatures, complete address of rental/leased property, rental amount and term of contract. Mortgage statements must include name of mortgage company, payment amount, Soldier's name and address of property.
  • If notarized signatures are unavailable/unattainable, Soldiers may provide an affidavit from SJA.
  • Rental agreements between family members must be notarized or be accompanied by a SJA affidavit, and must have an attached primary utility bill (i.e., electric/heat/water/cable/home phone (not cell phone) bill) for the address identified on the DA Form 5960.

Proof of Current Child Support Payments

Proof of child support payment can be established by providing a signed court order with child's name and payment amount included, cancelled/paid personal checks or money orders (must state for child suport), child support agency statement, notarized statement verifying payment period and amount of payment. Regular Army Soldiers may make an allotment for child support to a Child Support Agency for proof of payment.
NOTE: All payments must meet at least the minimum military support requirement amount by rank.


Not to exceed $50 in cash, Traveler's Checks, or money orders Checkbook and/or ATM card with access to direct deposit account for military pay

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