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Shipboard Chemical, Biological, Radiological
Defense Operations and Training Specialist

Trains and advises shipboard personnel on the integration of CBR-D doctrine into command organization and operations in addition to the necessary protective measures for defense against and recovery from shipboard chemical, biological or radiological involvement. Supervise and perform operational procedures and organizational level maintenance on CBR-D detection, protection and removal equipment


Army lodging is privatized. Fort Leonard Wood installation has no government quarters. On post lodging is requested through Army Hotels at 1-800-677-8356.    ITES: Prior to transfer the transferring command will ensure the following:

  • Students must be able to see 20/40 (near or distant) or better in one eye. Contact lenses are not permitted to be worn with the chemical protective mask. Students who wear glasses will be issued glass inserts to wear with the mask.
  • Students reporting for instruction must meet Physical Readiness Program standards IAW OPNAVINST 6110.1 series.
  • Pregnant members are not allowed to attend the course due to the nature of the training.
  • NKO Course Completion Certificate Required:
    • Navy Shipboard Collective Protective System(CPS)(CNE-CPS-002).
    • School contact numbers 573-563-7518/573-563-7519/573-528-9066.

       AVAILABILITY OF TRANSPORTATIONmal" style="line-height: normal"> IM-270PD(CNE-BECC-IM270).

    • Joint Biological Point Detection System Familiarization Course(CNE-JBPDS-0001).
  • Failure to meet any prerequisite may result in dis-enrollment. 


 Limited PSD functions available. Please make sure you:

  • Procure enough PCS/TAD per diem to cover the duration of your school and your travel to the next duty station.  The per diem rate for Fort Leonard Wood is listed below:  Max lodging is $80/day, M&IE is $46/day (government M&IE $11.55).
  • Army lodging is privatized. Fort Leonard Wood installation has no government quarters. On post lodging is requested through Army Hotels at 1-800-677-8356.   
  • Procure advanced POV mileage all the way to your next duty station, if needed.
  • Procure all travel arrangements (flights, rental car reservations/POV shipment).
  • Procure appropriate passport in advance (tourist or no fee government passport).
  • Berthing, messing, administrative and school facilities are "NOT" in close proximity to one another and it is highly recommended that POV or car rental authorization is included on orders. Transportation will be the responsibility of the student. PCS members are not authorized rental cars.

SCHOOL LOCATION:  Report to MANSCEN building, Thurman Hall, Bldg 3203, room 2124/2116 by 0800 on the day of class up. Bring your orders, hotel name, and POV registration.   

School contact numbers 573-563-7519/573-528-9066/573-528-9068.


  • If driving, the most direct route is by Interstate 44 that runs from St. Louis to Oklahoma City. About halfway between the cities of Lebanon and Rolla is the St. Robert, Waynesville and Fort Leonard Wood exit 161 and signs marking the route to Post.
  • If traveling by air to St. Louis International Airport, car rental and bus transportation are available.  Cape Air operates a flight service between St. Louis and Fort Leonard Wood airport.  Information and assistance for military personnel transportation options are available at the United Services Organization (USO) in the St. Louis airport which is open 24 hours a day.
  • Greyhound bus has a terminal just outside of the post in the city of St. Robert to serve patrons arriving and departing. Taxi service to Fort Leonard Wood from the St. Louis airport is not recommended due to cost!
  • If arriving at Springfield airport take Interstate 44 to exit 161.
  • On Post, taxis are readily available with flat rate of $1.40 per person on base. (573)336-0111

Maps of the Post can be found here.


Students reporting from Navy Reserve Centers MUST have the following documentation in order to be enrolled and to be PAID:

  • ADT orders
  • Page 2(Dependent Data) must be verified in NSIPs prior to arrival.


  • Navy Working Uniform (NWU) are worn year round for classroom and lab exercises.     
  • Availability of Navy uniform articles is very limited at the Fort Leonard Wood Post Exchange.

Contact School House


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