Knowledge Management Functions

    a) Links the current and relevant operational information in the Field Army with MSCoE through the Joint Forces Knowledge Network and the Operating Forces Knowledge Network by operating a series of Regimental, Unit, and Professional Knowledge Networks and War fighter Forums that focus on shared situational awareness and collaboration.

    b) Determines required level of senior leader representation, encourages staff and faculty participation, facilitates connectivity, tracks MSCoE equities and proponent school stakeholder issues across selected major Army Operational Forums.

    c) Organizes subject matter input and provides organizational interface to Army Operations Knowledge Management (AOKM)/ Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) for “Protection Net.”

    d) Garners key information from war fighter forums and and other peer/soldier created content and expedites entry into the Lessons Learned program.

    e) Monitors and leads the discussion portions of the proponent schools on-line professional forums.

    f) Provides the requirements to the G-6 and NEC for data base structures and architecture that is required to support KM initiatives, programs and projects.

    g) Provides consulting and training to MSCoE organizations requesting assistance with using specific KM enabling tools such as taxonomies, meta-tagging, search engines, dashboards, SharePoint, Mil suite, and peer-based social networking and video delivery portals.

    h) Provides technical training for those additional duty personnel in the schools and directorates that serve as knowledge management organizational Representative (KMOR) and provides supervised on the job training to DA Career Interns in CP 34 in KM track.

    i) Ensures that the Center has an organized and vetted Request for Information and Subject Matter Expert Referral Programs.

    j) Provides social media and technological consulting support to requesting MSCoE organizations.

    k) Serves as interface for AOKM services through CALL, in the Mission Command Center of Excellence (CoE).

    l) Develop strategies and initiatives which identifies, organizes, and transforms (digitally reformats, and safeguards) key bodies of unique proponent information.

    m) Train KM principles in School, Academy, and Center professional development, functional, and in-house workforce development courses.

    n) Recognizes KM innovation within the workforce and shares best practices.

    o) Assists Training Developers in embedding KM principles into learning outcomes and training exercises. 

    p) Represent the MSCoE users in DA and MACOM working user’s groups, configuration control boards and KM councils.

    q) Provides technical expertise to MSCoE organizations who have projects that require organizing content, storage and accessibility, and portrayal for decision-making (i.e. dashboards).

    r) Provides KM and expert user advice and usage Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) for digital support tools and software related to the Army Learning Concept (ALC) 2015. This includes providing KM support to MSCoE training, information, and learning technology initiatives that involve  complex context based problem solving, diagnostic assessment and expert tutoring, technical digital libraries/archives, life-long learning, rapid courseware development, blended learning, learning and career tracking, mobile device application development, training management, Constructive war fighter exercises, digital training, virtual training environments, and gaming.

    s) Interface across the entire Joint Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational – Industry, Academia (JIIM-IA) spectrum to identify best user practices and systematically introduces these across the MSCoE workforce.

    t) Develop Business Cases and standards for digitizing and archiving bodies of proponent information and that support both self structured study and regional training centers.

    u) Provides SME support as requested to Commanding General (CG) and Commandants when they weigh the risk of single portal information accessibility versus JIIM-IA collaboration and interoperability.

    v) Periodically develops and staffs a slate of KM projects and initiatives that will enhance MSCoE ability to collaborate, govern, conduct campaign and project planning, convey Strategic messages, and support Command initiatives.

    w) Serves as MSCoE first unit fielded on selected complex user applications and develops train the trainer packages for workforce training.

    x) Periodically prepares a series of metrics that capture usage and impact of KM as a key enabler.

QAO Links

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QAO Mission

Provide the leadership of the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) assistance on doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF) processes as they apply to the Army Enterprise Accreditation Standards (AEAS). Ensure the implementation of current and relevant training to educate and support leaders, warriors, and forces for full spectrum operations (FSO) and success in current and future operational environments. Support training development for The Army School System (TASS) to meet the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) requirements with effective educational research and analysis.

Provide direct support to MSCoE organizations as they manage change in a digital operating environment by researching, developing, consulting, training, and executing a series of organizational and user level enabling technology projects that enhance learning, aid performance, and promote synchronization, integration, and collaboration. Connect internal and external users with experts and information that can be rapidly retrieved, quickly vetted into knowledge and securely disseminated anywhere anytime. Operates communities of practice/purpose through a series of robust knowledge networks and Warfighter/Professional Forums and web portals that foster high levels of participation and engagement.

Provide timely and relevant lessons learned support to the Warfighter and force modernization efforts by collecting, analyzing, disseminating, and archiving lessons learned across all MSCoE proponencies in order to win the current and future fight.

Functions of QAO

This Brief will be available shortly

This Brief will be available shortly

This Brief will be available shortly

This Brief will be available shortly

QAO briefs the MSCoE command group on a quarterly basis. Click Here to request the latest briefing.


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