Sponsor Questionnaire and Request Form

Sponsorship Questionnaire

In order to better assist you with your relocation to Fort Leonard Wood, you may fill out the Sponsorship Questionnaire and mail it to your tentative pinpoint assignment (HHC, battalion, or a brigade). If you are not sure of your pinpoint assignment, you may submit the form electronically to the Military Personnel Office.

FOR ENLISTED: Assignments are determined 90-120 days prior to your report month to Fort Leonard Wood. Initial welcome letters are mailed from your pinpoint assignment or brigade of assignment. In the event that you have not received an initial welcome letter within 90 days of your report date, you may contact us at DSN 581-0770/2533 or commercial at (573) 596-0770 or (573) 596-0131 ext 62533. If you are planning to arrive earlier or later than your report date you are welcome to call for a pinpoint assignment.  You are further advised that projected assignments are tentative and, if necessary, will be changed based on the needs of the installation.

FOR OFFICER: Officer assignments to brigade level are determined approximately 90-120 days prior to report date to Fort Leonard Wood. At that time, the respective brigade is notified of your assignment and required to appoint a sponsor.. Therefore, it is important that you complete the information as accurately as possible. This information will assist your sponsor in providing you with more detailed information about your assignment and any special requests/concerns you may have. Additionally, a welcome letter is mailed to you informing you of your tentative assignment. In the event you have not received a welcome letter from Strength Management  within 45 days of your report date, you may contact Officer Services at DSN 581-1163/0770 or commercial at (573) 596-0131 ext 61163/60770 informing us that you have not heard from your sponsor.

FOR CIVILIANS: Civilian Employees reporting to FT. Leonard Wood will be assigned a sponsor by the gaining organization. If you have not been contacted within 30 days prior to the report date, you may call the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, (573) 596-0927 for assistance.


For Sponsorship Request e-mail -- Military Personnel Division    Include a contact e-mail address and phone number.